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  1. That's an unexpected behavior. Thanks for reporting it.
  2. Thanks for bringing up this request. I'll add that on my list.
  3. We don't provide ETA but I will write your request on my list. Stay tuned.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I'd suggest to consider also the important features we are adding every week (see the beta releases on the forum).
  5. Thanks for the screenshot and the feedback. We will be working on improving the UI to make it as efficient as possible.
  6. Offline search is available in the latest beta. Here is the link: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=28415
  7. Notes with complexe formatting such as tables are not supported by the rich text editor yet. The note remains editable but with a more limited editor wich allows you to select the part you want to modify. A work around is indeed to simplify the note.
  8. this is on my list, thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Thanks There are several solutions to any problem and changing the created date appears to me more like a work-around than a sustainable solution. I understand why you are using that, and we'll evaluate what we can do.
  10. 3.1.1 is the latest version on the market. We'll release the next beta versions on this forum. The features you mentioned are not supported yet. However, there are under consideration.
  11. The version 3.1.1 is available on the market. It doesn't include the cropping / rotating feature which is on my request list.
  12. Thanks. If I summarize the main points: 1/ improve text selection in a note: highlighted selection, different tapping. Do you have any exemple of Android app which support this feature or something similar to what you expect? 2/ support more phone number formats including spaces / separators. 3/ add a clearer feedback about the sync status.
  13. Could you let me know the 3 most important reasons to help me evaluate?
  14. Could I say that your request is to be able to define consistently across the platforms which notes should be the most visible?
  15. Just to make sure to be clear. I'm not saying that we are sure to develop it, but that your request is collected. Each request needs to be carefully evaluated before we decide to go further.
  16. Thanks, I've seen this request many times and I have it on my list for consideration.
  17. It is indeed not easy to find the right balance between a pleasant UI and an efficient UI. Do you have any exemple in mind that we could consider?
  18. Thanks for reporting this performance issue. We'll see what we can do.
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