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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on optimizing the number of steps, any ideas are very welcome.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider it but I can't tell you if we will implement it or not..
  3. Hi, Since we added the in app purchase it seems that Evernote doesn't appear anymore on the Android Market in some countries. We are working on this issue, thanks for reporting.
  4. We are investigating this issue. It seems that since we integrated the in-app payment, some countries are no longer supported by the Android Market.
  5. Would you like to let us know what kind of tablet you have? We have recently made a change to use the phone interface on 5' tablets.
  6. When you open a note which contains only pictures, they should appear in full screen and you should be able to swipe through them.
  7. There are 2 types of note "editors" in Evernote: - the note editor to modify any notes using rich text formatting. You can recognize it by the (...) at the beginning and at the end. - the note composer to create and modify notes using supported rich text formatting. If your note contains some formatting which can't be created with the note composer, the editor will kick-in. For instance, you can't change the font size or the font color in with the composer. It will open with the editor. With this editor, you won't be able to do every operations you can do with the composer, that includes editing bullet and cb list.
  8. Because it has just been released, it may take a little while before it is available everywhere. Thanks for reporting this!
  9. Sorry to hear that. We are currently improving the upgrade process. I'll report the issue.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. It's useful to get detailled use cases.
  11. We are working on a solution but we don't provide ETA. I can only suggest to have a look at the next beta releases on this Forum.
  12. Thanks, it was already on it. It is actually not so simple on mobile.
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