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  1. According to Evernote's plan comparison https://evernote.com/compare-plans you need Premium. I guess they give you 10 free annotations to see how it works, which is pretty nice. Or as @jefito said, go with a 3rd party app. Even if you could annotate, you'd run out of space pretty quickly with Basic. Depending on the size of your PDF files, every time you save a change, it gets uploaded, and PDF files will eat into the free 60MB/mo plan pretty quickly.
  2. I’d recommend uninstalling AVG and just use Windows defender. Installing anything else is just another attack surface. And with the new sandbox mode on Win10, defender is an additional form of protection other AV cannot match. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/windows-defender,review-2209.html
  3. No. Evernote cannot sort. You’ll need to copy your data to another app, sort, and copy back.
  4. That is really more of a service setting so when you emai a note, clip a web page, or use any external service to add a note, Evernote knows where to put it by default. And for those of us with many devices it keeps it simple vs having to set that setting on every device. It is one of the few settings that is synced but it makes sense why it is.
  5. You should add this to the actual beta thread started by an Evernote so they are more likely to see it.
  6. Search the forums for the security announcement a few months ago, or just install the latest to ensure you are protected. If you haven’t updated in 3-4 months then I’m sure that was locked out.
  7. I’d give anything to go back to Evernote for iOS circa 2014 or so. It was insanely fast and reliable. This newer version has so much c r a p going on in the editor it slows it down. Why can’t I just get a blank note and not this embedded template stuff. Make a button for that if I want it. But it got slow long before templates. I think the common editor across platforms may be what has ruined it. I swore I wouldn’t subscribe to Drafts because for me it is too expensive, but I am rethinking that. I’d pay good money, above the $80/yr I already give to Evernote, to be able to open a new not
  8. Beyond logging off and on, not much much troubleshooting you can do. Just uninstall and reinstall.
  9. Same. It takes forever to even get a blank note to pop up and be usable and sometimes it fails to save what I type.
  10. Microsoft is not getting rid of OneNote. They are getting rid of the OneNote client that is part of office. OneNote 2016 is the last version, but it will continue to work for years to come, probably at least until 2022. They are moving everything for the Windows client into OneNote for Windows 10. It does require online access to create and store notebooks, but it does work offline if you have no connection. You just cannot create new notebooks as they must be created online. But you can edit/change/delete/add notes and notebook structures at will offline. Evernote will work offlin
  11. You should contact Evernote as there is probably a range of IP addresses both for Evernote and Google's could service that they use. Evernote works offline just fine with no connection - it just doesn't sync. If yours isn't working, it is probably because you ran a script that blacklisted a bunch of IP addresses you didn't review first and screwed up the client.
  12. You know what is confusing? Being in a note you want to delete and it is hidden.
  13. I don't buy that that a trashcan, reminder clock and "I" icon are confusing, especially when they have a tool tip. If that is confusing to them, than the registration process to set up an account, download the app, and install it would be so far beyond their ability they wouldn't ever see an overflow menu or anything else. Just let them use an etch-a-sketch. And aren't frequently used in what context? I have 22,000 notes. Do I use the DELETE icon 22,000 times? No, of course not. Do I have 22,000 reminders? No, of course not. But I use it enough that it should be on the regular menu. Kn
  14. How many people using this version are really digging the fact that many of the key buttons used on a note, such as reminders, delete, and info (and more) have been moved to the tiny ellipses button and replaced with an insanely large green SHARE button? I am struggling to understand why this makes the product better? Is someone at Evernote really going "you know, if we increased the number of 'shares' of notes, we'd get more customers. So let's remove the note toolbar and replace it with a SHARE button. Then users will think they can only share notes, so they will share notes with people
  15. I wonder if this is related to my annotation big report a few posts up? I don’t have data loss but I have to navigate away and back to the note for it to come back.
  16. I have no tag names long enough to justify 1/3 or more of my screen being white space.
  17. I know there is a big push to clean up the Evernote user interface (key things like huge green buttons, removing tool bars from notes to hide things in menus, etc) but any plans to ever clean up the Tag view in Windows? This has been around for a long time, and has been reported by me in the past.
  18. Anyone at Evernote been able to replicate this with the repro steps I've provided?
  19. Go to your evernote online account in the web browser, then Settings, Personal Settings, Language. Select the language you want Evernote to use when recognizing handwriting. You'll see the choices there of what it understands.
  20. Here is a screenshot with proof. What Evernote seems to be doing is: I annotate the note. The note is created via the screenshot shortcut I have other notes open I finish annotating and close. Closing the window with the X or File|Save & Exit does the same thing. The note is saved, but the container note window that it was in is replaced visually only with the contents of another note I have open. In this screenshot below you see in my task bar a note that starts with "Tha.." - that note content is what is showing in this "Screen clip" note window. (The @Pe..
  21. Not sure why. No one is using 32bit Windows that you support anyway. These stats indicate less than 2% are on a 32bit platform, and most of that is Windows 7, which is EOL'd in about a year.
  22. I do find it odd that the Windows client is the only 32bit client you have now. All the rest are 64 bit.
  23. You need to contact Support if you cannot get the web to revoke the device. I've never seen that fail, and if it does, I don't know there is anything a user can do themselves but contact support.
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