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  1. I have no tag names long enough to justify 1/3 or more of my screen being white space.
  2. I know there is a big push to clean up the Evernote user interface (key things like huge green buttons, removing tool bars from notes to hide things in menus, etc) but any plans to ever clean up the Tag view in Windows? This has been around for a long time, and has been reported by me in the past.
  3. Anyone at Evernote been able to replicate this with the repro steps I've provided?
  4. Go to your evernote online account in the web browser, then Settings, Personal Settings, Language. Select the language you want Evernote to use when recognizing handwriting. You'll see the choices there of what it understands.
  5. Here is a screenshot with proof. What Evernote seems to be doing is: I annotate the note. The note is created via the screenshot shortcut I have other notes open I finish annotating and close. Closing the window with the X or File|Save & Exit does the same thing. The note is saved, but the container note window that it was in is replaced visually only with the contents of another note I have open. In this screenshot below you see in my task bar a note that starts with "Tha.." - that note content is what is showing in this "Screen clip" note window. (The @Pe.. icon is the main Evernote window) I have to close this bogus Screen Clip window, then go open it again. I never lose data due to this. Just time. I'm not sure what would happen if I were to edit this bogus note window. I always just close it. In creating this screenshot, the same thing happened and the contents of the "Tha…" note were in two "screen clip" titled notes. I had to close them all then manually open.
  6. Not sure why. No one is using 32bit Windows that you support anyway. These stats indicate less than 2% are on a 32bit platform, and most of that is Windows 7, which is EOL'd in about a year.
  7. I do find it odd that the Windows client is the only 32bit client you have now. All the rest are 64 bit.
  8. You need to contact Support if you cannot get the web to revoke the device. I've never seen that fail, and if it does, I don't know there is anything a user can do themselves but contact support.
  9. So you aren't using the outlook client, but a web browser? Just do CTRL-C from Evernote, and CTRL-V from within the email message. There are too many variables in dragging and dropping from Evernote to a web based box to handle things like: what is the box expecting, HTML, RTF, plain text? What extensions are installed? What javascript is preprocessing the text? etc.
  10. I just dragged text from Outlook (build 1812 from Office 365) into a note in Evernote and it came over with most formatting intact as expected, and not all underlined. I can also drag text from a note in Evernote into Outlook just fine.
  11. There is a bug in clipping and then annotating a note. Evernote closes it when you are done annotating. Clip a section of the screen using a keyboard shortcut. CLick on the note popup toast that says you have clipped a note right-click on the image in the note (which is now open it its own window) do some editing close the annotation window More than once the note window itself closes on me, not just the annotation window.
  12. There is a new initiative at Evernote apparently to have a lot of gray space in the UI. At least on the Windows platform it is just reducing the available space to display note content. On the Mac platform, they are moving buttons to a submenu to give the gray area more space.
  13. Just want to roll this design issue forward to beta 3. I would gladly sacrifice some gray pixels that are doing nothing vs having extra clicks to get to routine items.
  14. EdH

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    But I have about 10 inches of space. Why is it in the overflow? How is this an good UI? Why not move the tag info, search box, and note formatting icons into the overflow? Why is "Share" not in the overflow? Of all of those items on the overflow, Share is probably the LEAST used for me.
  15. EdH

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    That makes sense. Just plug into macOS for this vs rolling your own. Hopeing the same is coming for WIndows when 1809 launches, if it ever does.
  16. EdH

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    Yup. I have the formatting tool bar, but there is nothing above that (what I'd call the note tool bar) besides share. No delete, no reminder setting clock, nothing. I'm not at my Mac right now but this is what I see in Windows, and it was similar for the mac. I know below is an older version (just doing some quick googling so you know what I am talking about because I am 100% sure I am not calling it the right thing)
  17. I wish they would. They converted to 64bit on the Mac I think last year.
  18. Option dialog box: ✅ Correctly change the modified date when I modify the note. ⬜ Incorrectly do not change the modified date when I modify the note in this very specific way.
  19. Date Modified should be the last time anything for the note was modified. anything. Not just some things. Or change the field to "Date some stuff was modified, but not all of the stuff."
  20. EdH

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    Where is that setting? I must be blind. All I have is Share, and then that eclipses menu with all the stuff I want in my toolbar. I expect beta 3 will have the share button 2X larger, and all other icons, including the formatting tools, will be in the ellipsis menu and someone will go "hey, look. We just really cleaned up the UI. Good for us! The users will LOVE IT!"
  21. EdH

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    Huge bug here. My toolbar in notes is gone. Instead there is just a big green share button. I've restarted, and rebooted. Nothing fixes it. This is horrible.
  22. The scroll bar for a note is so small I thought it was missing. Can we get it to be a certain size no matter how long the note is? It seems it is 1 pixel tall on this. IMHO should be at least 5% or 10% of the window regardless of how long the note is. Plus, there is nothing visual I can see that there is even a scroll bar. Maybe add another drop of black color in there so the gray shows up?
  23. No. I have the next beta and it is still there. Maybe you are right clicking on an image format EN doesn’t support for annotating.
  24. It is there. I use it all of the time. Perhaps you need to completely exit and restart Evernote.
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