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  1. Not seeing that here, but I did notice yesterday the highlight feature seemed to be slow in catching up, so maybe it just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Today my searches and word highlights are instant.
  2. I do have an iPad Pro, the original 12.9, and have a pencil. But I don't use it for note taking because I prefer a bullet journal for writing. I gave up on making Penultimate work for me years ago, but thought it might be a solution to your problem. I wasn't aware you'd heard of it. Evernote has done a good job of hiding its existence after they purchased it. Kinda like Skitch and Scannable.
  3. Penultimate is really Evetrnote's note taking app with handwriting, and if I recall, it does have integration into Evernote, like Skitch does. But it isn't heavily developed. It is free, with an in app purchase to convert to the full deal. Try it. Nothing to lose.
  4. Could be worse. You could be on the Mac version where they got rid of the toolbar for notes and replaced it with a big green SHARE button. On the plus side all platforms support emoji now so we can document our feelings in visual form in Evernote. 🤬
  5. Moved to the web client section.
  6. On your PC in Windows, go to Tools|Options. Then Syncronization. Then check "purge rarely viewed content." Nothing is deleted, but it will remove the note bodies from your PC that haven't been viewed in X days, which you set on the same screen. To urge it on, you might want to set it for 1 day, and then give it a few days to clean itself up. Then go back and set to something reasonable, like 15-30 days, or whatever you want.
  7. A few possibilities: You are a Basic user and you are only allowed 2 devices, plus the web. If you have had a 3rd device syncing, you need to go to the web version of Evernote, your account, then devices. Delete the devices you don't want to use. If that was the issue, your Windows PC will start syncing as your 2nd device. You have inadvertently created a 2nd account and your Windows PC is syncing with that. You have an older version of Windows Evernote and it won't sync because there was a security issue a few months ago and Evernote disabled all but the most recent Windows
  8. Are there any plans to make the folder icons consistent? For example, if I use the folder dropdown in a note, there is an icon of two people for a shared notebook, but in the notebook list in the left pane, it is a picture of a folder with an arrow on it to designate what has been shared.
  9. Hmmm... not here. In both the Tag view and in a dropdown/autocomplete box when I type tags in, they are sorted alphabetically in a case insensitive manner. Can you post a screen clip of exactly where/how you see this?
  10. Windows 10, build 1803. When using the Evernote clipper in Edge, it quickly renders the email as if it is going to clip it, then it goes blank and the top of the message where the subject is reverts to "undefined." Then the clipper preview changes to Undefined as well. This is a recent happening as far as I can tell - last week or so.
  11. Before I install this, does the notes toolbar still have icons like Reminders, Trashcan, info, etc? Or has everything been moved to a tiny sub-menu like on the Mac platform? I cannot use the Mac app much anymore because of it, and I won't upgrade the Windows client if that design decision has come to the Windows side too. Thanks.
  12. the iOS client is useless to me. I cannot create notes at all. They keep deleting themselves. I can edit. But not create. Yes, I've reported. "Known issue." I got another app to make quick notes and I may transcribe to Evernote when I get back to my desk, or to my paper Bullet Journal.
  13. Because more power requires more electricity. That means power plants run more. That increases emissions. That create a greenhouse effect. Then Antarctica melts. Then baby penguins die. WHY DO YOU HATE THE BABY PENGUINS? 🐧
  14. Really? Emoji issues? this will be fixed by next build, but On Demand Sync Merging of Notes with data loss, massive whitespace in tag view, lack of search progress status for On Demand Sync configs, will remain broken for years to come.
  15. That isn't the webclipper. Webclipper is for your browser. You are activating a screenshot shortcut. Go to your preferences in Evernote and change it. Tools|Options|Keyboard Shortcuts. CTRL-A-V is the default for "Paste clipboard"
  16. That is your Default notebook. You can change it in Preferences. It is where evernote sticks things by default unless you tell it otherwise. Helpful with emailing notes, web clipping, 3rd party service integration, etc.
  17. Anyone from Evernote tracking this? Happened again this morning when I am taking notes on an online class. Step 5 above is a hassle as I totally lose my place.
  18. Go to a computer and sign on to the Evernote site. Are your notes there? If so, uninstall and reinstall the iOS app. The backup/restore may not have worked right, and backup doesn't restore notes, as those are on the service. Logging in on your iOS app will restore the notes on that first sync. If that doesn't work, be sure it is the right account. I know you say this was since 2017, but it is possible you created two, and your other account has the notes. It is, AFAIK, impossible to lose notes when you switch phones unless your original phone never actually sync'd anything. But if t
  19. By the way @CalS - if you do give ODS another try (which I highly recommend as Evernote is way more responsive on Windows) be careful when merging notes. Evernote will not automatically download all notes before merging them, so you'll merge a bunch of headers. Just click on each note and let them all download, then merge. This was also reported at least a year ago if not longer, and this is a data loss issue, not a visual annoyance. This is a visual annoyance. -> 🤬
  20. The search probably was but you weren’t giving it enough time. I’ve complained about this. En gives you no indication that the search isn’t done so you see some notes pop up and think it is done. It isn’t. It can take many seconds to finish searching online the populate the results. (Assuming you are online - cannot search ODS offline of course). but Evernote is too busy rebranding excercises and a new notebook view no one asked for to fix existing issues. All this would take to fix is a visual indicator that the search is still happening. May of 2017 was when I first brought this
  21. Most of those won't work any longer given the security update that happened a few months ago. It rendered them all obsolete unfortunately.
  22. Yup. I am not even sure if they plan to roll it out to all apps. The way Win32 apps work with displays is a mess. They still haven't figured out a graceful transition from regular to HDPI displays without the developer having to rework the app.
  23. Understand first of all I am not an employee nor do I speak for Evernote. I am just speculating as to why there is no Dark Mode yet on Windows. I think it is a bit overblown to say they are putting users at a health risk. That is a bit like me complaining that Evernote doesn't change the "Changed Date" for a note when I change tags, so when I sort by recent changes to see which notes I tagged with "Birthday Gifts" I didn't see a note for my nephew's gift because it had an older "changed date" - ergo Evernote hates children. Dark mode has nothing to do with blue light. You want to use
  24. Windows just got real DarkMode support with 1809, which is still not out for the vast majority of the people, and what I've seen, isn't nearly up to par with what macOS did with Mojave. I'm sure it is in the pipeline, but they may be waiting until Dark Mode on WIndows 10 is up to snuff, or at least available to a lot of people via 1809.
  25. That folder is supposed to be temporary. Files are stored in the note database. Evernote copies the files to that folder if you open it in an external app, and is supposed to remove it after you close the app and save the note. Assuming everything is syncing fine, unless you have a notebook that is not sync'd - one you've configured as offline only - there is really nothing to move to the new PC. Just install Evernote on the new machine, log in, and wait for it to finish syncing. I never copy Evernote data from PC to PC.
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