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  1. I think this will fall on deaf ears. On the Mac client, they have removed all toolbar buttons on the note menu except for a big green SHARE button. No reminders, no delete, no information, no nothing. And you cannot customize it. It is just a big white space. I think the goal is to remove 100% of the UI elements we use except for the big green NEW NOTE and SHARE buttons. We should never have the need to do anything else.
  2. Holy cow. This is nearing a decade old. But.... we have emoji!
  3. If you have Windows 10, version 1809, you can use the cloud clipboard feature. See if you do. The Win+V key will open it. But if you never turned it on, it will be empty. Evernote cannot rescue lost clipboard data. That stuff Excel and Word do are their own thing. THey don't really use the Windows clipboard until you leave the app to copy from Excel to Evernote for example. So if you copied over something, it is probably gone forever if the cloud clipboard isn't on. See this article for more info on the cloud clipboard feature.
  4. It should exist, but I wonder how complex it is to update the search syntax? Either it is really simple, or they have to coordinate the update of multiple apps/platforms, including their server for the web and remote searches from the client. 🤷‍♂️
  5. The other way to not download all of that data, and get a clean local database to boot, is after installing and signing in, go to Tools|Options|Sync and check "on demand sync." That will dynamically download note bodies as you need them, and purge them every 30 days. (can be changed.) Search works fine as the client will tell the server to search and return undownloaded notes in your results. That is what I do. My database is well over 8GB but my local copy is under 500MB.
  6. If you are navigating from note to note, the <> buttons show up allowing you to go back and forth.
  7. This is the same logic as to why the Mac version doesn't have indent/outdent buttons. It would confuse the user. It is much more intuitive to only let them indent/outdent by using the CMD-Shift-[ and CMD-Shift-] keyboard shortcuts.
  8. The dark mode added in Windows 10 is only for UWP/PWA style apps. None of those APIs are available to Win32 apps, so as of right now, if Evernote does this, they will have to roll their own UI changes.
  9. Amen. Or ar least put some peaceful scenery in all of they gray space. Or a random thought of the day.
  10. Delete your Android phone from your account. Basic members can only use 2 apps at a time, not including the web portal, and uninstalling does not remove the device from your account. Log into Evernote at www.evernote.com. Click on your avatar in the lower left (I am on Classic evernote. If you have the newer web version, just look for something that could get you into your account settings, not notes) Settings Devices Revoke Access to your old phone. Try your new iPhone again.
  11. Notes are in a big database, so you cannot restore just one note. A few options: 1 get it to boot and sync one more time putting those notes in your account. 2 copy the database to your current PC. You would lose any changes on your PC not yet in the cloud so make sure it is synced. 3 copy the database to another PC and sync it, or export the missing notes an ENEX files and import them on your current pc. There are other ways but mostly a variation of the above.
  12. I've never seen this. The only thing I can think of that annoys me about Evernote like this is Context. On the iOS app, I have Settings - Notes - Context turned off, as I do on my Windows PC. Your subscription is Premium, so this isn't any kind of ad, or shouldn't be. I'm not big on notifications though and for Evernote I have it to only show badges in iOS settings, no alerts. For grins I'm going to turn on banners and see if I get this over the next few days.
  13. It has probably hung. Launch Task Manager and make sure all Evernote*.* apps are killed, then try. If that fails, reboot your PC and try. That should fix 99% of the Evernote failing to start issues. If that fails, download the latest version, install that, and try again. If that fails, then your database is probably corrupt and Evernote crashes when reading it. That is a whole different process so post back if it is still not working.
  14. Do you have a Keyboard to attach? Or can you start another app like notepad and type you user I’d and password there then paste them in via press and hold on the screen?
  15. Delete it again, then force your client to sync. That should kill it. If not, once in it, restore it, then remove the share. If if that is necessary though, sounds like a bug.
  16. What shortcut bar? Is this on the iPad? I cannot see what you are referring to on my iPhone.
  17. I don't think that would work. Evernote would open after the move and get confused. The old way was to: Shut down evernote. move the files edit the registry to show it in the new location start evernote. The new way is supposed to make it easy. But you should probably close evernote first, then open it and do it so it doesn't have a bunch of open links to files. This is how stuff never gets removed from the Attachments folder, which should be empty when you close evernote. I'd want to really test your method above on an install that I didn't care about before recommending it. Given what you said happened, I'd do the registry thing, but I honestly never partition my drives anymore. I just have a 1TB drive here and it is all C:\
  18. Between templates and the new "improved" editor, it is slow. Even on my iPhone XS Max, which is currently the fastest iOS device available, there is a lot of stuttering trying to do stuff. I've slowly weaned myself off of Evernote on iOS for data entry. I mostly put it in a text file or OneNote then copy it over on my desktop later.
  19. I've never seen that with Evernote, but a few things to try: restart your computer and be sure you have NOTHING else running. Go into Task Manager and disable most everything in there. Make note of them as you'll want to re-enable them later. Reboot once you've done this. You should also have installer on your PC so you can just run it. Don't even open Evernote or your browser to go get it after the reboot. Temporarily disable your AV if it persists. If it still won't install, try uninstalling, rebooting, and installing fresh. If it still won't install, try installing it in a different user profile. This won't help your main user profile, but it will tell you if your current profile has some corruption or conflict preventing the install. Finally, contact Evernote for support if none of the above works. give them the exact details of the error message and what it does. Saying "it won't install" will only lengthen the time it takes to get you an answer.
  20. The desktop version does autosave. In Tools|Options|Sync you can tell it how often to sync with the server, but it is saving a copy of your note to the local database much more often than that so if your PC were to blue screen on you, you shoudn't lose too much.
  21. EdH

    note margins

    Nope. It is the new normal. It was done to accommodate the new tables.
  22. If your notes are in List View, you can right-click on the headers and there are 3 Reminder columns you can add: Reminder: this seems to be some random time. Maybe when it was set? Reminder Time: This is the due date and time. Reminder Done: When you completed it, if it is complete. #2 above is what you want most likely.
  23. How large is your database? What happens if you go to Help|Activity Log? Does it show it is working, or contantly hung on one item? If it is working through stuff, and you have a large database, just let it go. I've seen it take a while to reindex or do whatever it does if it thinks something is wrong with the database to clean it up. If it is stuck, or you have a small database, contact help (see my sig) and they will want to see the activity log.
  24. Yes it does. Thanks. Wasn't aware of that. As someone who grew up with DarkMode, I've yet to find a reason to jump onto this recent fad.
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