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  1. I understand it is simple to say that, but Lastpass is nothing but a password manager. A 100% password manager and it is encrypted on all platforms everywhere. Totally different purpose. I don't know about an app for Windows. I use it, but it is an extension in Chrome and Brave for me, not an app in the start menu or an app that even resides on my PC - other than wherever Chrome keeps Extension information. And again, a PIN is 100% useless for Evernote even if they created it. The evernote database is essentially PLAIN TEXT. You can read it in Notepad.
  2. Then you shouldn't install Evernote on your company PC unless you agree to effectively share that data with your company. It is their PC. You can uninstall Evernote, remove the folders, then use the web version. I honestly cannot think of a single app on Windows that has a PIN lock on it. Or my Mac. It is something that has become a bit more common on mobile platforms as parents let kids play games or watch netflix, but don't want them to have access to apps like Evernote, Lastpass, etc. Plus, it is strangely common that people don't lock their phone, which is why most apps with confidential info have their own password schemes, but those all hook (generally, on iOS at least) into TouchID/FaceID. If you only have some notes that are sensitive, you can encrypt those individually by selecting the text, right-clicking, and encrypt. Just don't forget your password. There is no recovery available for a lost password on an encrypted note.
  3. It is on their servers. They are relying on your PC and local security, just like 99.9% of all apps out there that don't support local data encryption. Your user profile should be locked via password, and your hard drive should be encrypted. If you don't want anyone able to get to the data at all even if logged in as you, which your IT department could do, you'll need to just use the website.
  4. Can you be more specific? I haven't noticed any material change in the last 2 years to annotations.
  5. The only way you will have a secure model that the government cannot access is if you use a tool that lets you generate your own keys. Evernote does not allow this for personal account. It might for business. I don't recall. All of your data is encrypted at rest on the servers, but Evernote does have the keys. Any cloud service you use where you are encrypting data but not generating your own keys can be unlocked by the hosting company if necessary.
  6. Note that if you use local notebooks exclusively you will lose some features. Evernote servers are what index file contents and do OCR for pdf files and images allowing you to search. Given your asks above, I don’t think Evernote is right for you. Perhaps notepad files via Dropbox or something similar?
  7. According to Apple's site, the 5S does support iOS 11. The 5 and 5c do not. There was a hard stop with those as Apple only supports 64 bit processors now, and those two had 32bit. See this article. If you have a 5 or 5c, you cannot install it. Evernote is now 64 bit only on iOS and macOS.
  8. Of that I have no doubt @JMichaelTX but if I had to guess, I would say it is significantly less than 1% of Evernote users script anything in Evernote. I suspect that puts a dampener on further development. But, I cannot wait to see the emojis released in 2019!
  9. Don't know why they would bother. If they wanted to support scripting on Windows, they would just build powershell commandlets. That I wouldn't use. I don't use AppleScript either. My idea of a good time isn't scripting app stuff.
  10. Yeah, the UI, as well as half a dozen features....
  11. But the CEO considers the Mac client the one to strive for..... 😒
  12. Then it is gone. If you were using a web browser with no or spotty internet connectivity, then you weren't connected and were just typing in a big white box. The Evernote web client has no offline capability at all.
  13. I would love it if settings could be sync'd, but I do understand why they are not. some settings don't work on all platforms, so every platform would have to have settings sync'd to a separate place. Some people have different settings per machine. For example, back when I had a personal Windows PC, I had different Import Folders configured than on my work PC. So as other's have said, I have a note that has a screencap of my most critical settings, and I just key those in again once I get my client up and running.
  14. Yes. It simply blocks further syncing. If the client is running, it will not force-close the client. You are revoking access to cloud data, not initiating a logoff or a wipe-data command. This is not designed as a security tool. It is simply a way to control your device count. Free users only get access to two clients, and this provides them a way to revoke unused clients so they can get another client working.
  15. Just note that on Windows and the Mac, it does not delete the local databases those apps have. So while you cannot launch Evernote.exe and use it, both apps keep their data on your PC is pretty much plain text format, unless you have specifically encrypted text. Evernote relies on your PC's security model for access to its local database, so passwords, encrypted hard drives, etc. On mobile devices it pretty much does block access and all iOS devices and most high end Android devices support encryption, and you generally cannot just launch a file explorer and go look at those local databases.
  16. FWIW, you can find out what is shared by searching for: Still should be a feature. But... we have emoji!
  17. Just add that user to your Ignore list @jefito. Their history on this forum has done nothing to assist other users, just criticize.
  18. I just tested that. It only does it for TXT files. I tried some PBIX files and it worked without the FILE:// URL thingy. So it is treating text files differently. But that makes some sense. Other files are imported as files. Text files have the contents of the text file added to the note and the file itself is not imported, so you lose the file name. They are retaining the file name. But not sure the massively long path is necessary.
  19. I am not seeing this behavior in Evernote I have mine set to import and not keep the source file, same as you. Hrm....
  20. Yes, for the client you are right. At least the Windows client. For the servers, MySQL... https://www.mysql.com/customers/view/?id=1211 & https://evernote.com/blog/whysql/ - but that has nothing to do with why it is so slow on the Windows platform.
  21. Well, if is as useful as Context in Evernote and Related Notes in your google browser search, what could possibly go wrong?
  22. You should try the steps here. You will proably have to resort to the most drastic of removing the local install and renaming the database and starting over with a fresh download from the cloud. Also, just before you do this, run a chkdsk /f on your PC. It will take time, but will ensure that the issue isn't hardware.
  23. I don't really care how they implement the database for Evernote on either platform. It isn't separate components vs single file that makes the Mac version fast and Windows slow. It is that the chosen database MySQL isn't up to the task once you get a few hundred or thousand notes. It pauses and stutters. There are a TON of good single-file database products out there. SQL Express would have been a good choice except the MS licensing on it limits it to 10GB, which is a non-starter. There are dozens of other options too. All a matter of cost, effort, performance, overhead, etc.
  24. If you google Evernote and PowerShell it seems there is some ways to interact with Evernote on a PC with PowerShell, but I'd rather stick a pencil in my ear.
  25. While I agree that Evernote on Windows could use some work, especially on the database format that simply is not up to the task, as both a Mac and Windows user, I much prefer the Windows version due to missing features on the Mac. Just some examples (no one respond with "well, I can do this with AppleScript! - 1) that isn't helpful for those that don't want to use a programing language to use their app and 2) windows doesn't have that so it is irrelevant): Notes created via the Table of Contents feature are populated with a "file://Table of Contents" string in the URL, making searching for TOC notes possible. Notes can be merged in the order selected. You you cannot do this on the Mac. You have to edit them in a specific order to trick the sytem in to modifying the updated date, and then merge, and then hope you didn't get the logic backwards. You cannot set up Import folders on the Mac where you can just drop a bunch of files info a folder and Evernote will create notes for all of them and optionally remove the files. This is awesome for personal and work workflows. You cannot set the Mac client to sync on demand, meaning I don't have to have my 8-9GB database of notes on my Windows PC, but do on my Mac. Here the Windows PC allows you to work like mobile devices. You can download what you want, and search all of it, but only download bodies as necessary. Windows lets you put the shortcut menu across the top as a separate toolbar. Makes it easy to select without having massive amounts of up/down scrolling on the left pane. Windows has an honest-to-goodness set of toolbar buttons to indent/outdent. On the Mac you have to hit Option-< or Option >, or option-shift-[, or ctrl-option-left-shift-key-{ or some such nonsense. Keyboard shortcuts are fine, but shouldn't be the only way to do something. Windows has a real toolbar for notes, not a mile wide swath of white space with a big green SHARE button. There are others, but those are the quick ones off the top of my head. Implementing the Mac model in any of these areas is a step forward only for someone in design that clearly isn't using the product to its fullest, or simply doesn't care what the user wants. On the other hand, I cannot think of a single feature on the Mac platform I wish Windows had. I am sure there are some, but I am not one of the ones to use them. We shouldn't move to one or the other model. We should get the best of both in a client sync'd up in the best features and designed with usability in mind, not prettiness awards that reward minimalism vs productivity.
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