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  1. OneNote's encryption is not at the database level, but when you manually password protect a section. If you cannot rely on computer security you should only use Evernote on the web. Evernote on the PC and Mac is not designed to keep your data secure from a user that has full admin rights to your PC, and that goes beyond encrypting the database. If you use the web version with 2 factor authentication, and tell it NOT to remember this PC for 30 days when logging in, then when the browser window is closed, even a domain admin could not get in. However, if your IT department has in
  2. Not on Windows. When you delete a notebook, it warns you that you are about to permanently delete notes, even those in the trash as they are associated with that notebook, and when you delete, they are gone forever. I've not done this enough on my Mac to know what it says.
  3. I understand that, but I am trying to see if your search index is totally messed up, or if it is just on your phone.
  4. Does your search work ok if you log into Evernote on your PC/Mac via the web?
  5. Agreed. It is similarly difficult to get to on the Mac. In fact, there is no button anywhere. You have to use Shift+CMD+ALT+Hold-your-finger-to-your-nose+Turn-counter-clockwise-twice+[] keys or something like that. I gave up even trying to find this hidden feature in iOS yesterday at a meeting and took notes in OneNote, which as the indent/outdent button right on the toolbar on my iPhone.
  6. I wouldn't hold anyone/thing up to Facebook for comparisons of security. That is like your teenaged son after being in a fender bender telling you it is ok because the town drunk was in a much worse accident last weekend and killed a bus load of children.
  7. Hmmm... that is a lot riding on weekly maint. Seems this and the 2FA issue would be hot fixes, not “we’ll get to it next week.”
  8. You’ll have to contact support (link in my sig) if you cannot do it through the web portal.
  9. Opened ticket #2801981. Let's see what they say, besides rebooting my PC and the usual.
  10. No, because then I would be getting them randomly as people tried to break into my account. I only get the SMS when I am logging in and need a code.
  11. @John in Michigan USA The exact same 6 digit code! Yes, there seems to be a problem. I use Authy, but same calculation as Google Authenticator. And same 6 digit code. @Jim Finn I wonder if you got a different code because it was on the verge of changing so the text went out before it changed and Authy showed you a new one? (or vice versa)
  12. I use two factor authentication and use a Google Authenticator device. I just logged into the website on a new browser instance and when it asked me for my 2FA code, before I could get my app launched on my phone, Evernote texted me my code. I just checked my account security and Text is not checked, but the app is. Why would Evernote text me this? I had not failed to authenticate, nor had I asked it to use a backup method, which for me would be my backup codes I have saved, not text. Seems to be a security issue with Evernote's servers. @Rich Tener
  13. Log into Evernote on the web. Click on your Account picture, then click on Devices. Delete/revoke your old iPad there. It should work then.
  14. Most PCs today have a TPM. Besides, this is a red herring. The OP was about installing Evernote on a work pc and not wanting the company to have access. That isn’t Home, it is probably encrypted anyway, and anything you install on your work PC is available to your company. Period.
  15. Or, encrypt the hard drive via Bitlocker (Windows) or FileVault (macOS). Free Very fast often handled at hardware level vs software encryption
  16. I understand it is simple to say that, but Lastpass is nothing but a password manager. A 100% password manager and it is encrypted on all platforms everywhere. Totally different purpose. I don't know about an app for Windows. I use it, but it is an extension in Chrome and Brave for me, not an app in the start menu or an app that even resides on my PC - other than wherever Chrome keeps Extension information. And again, a PIN is 100% useless for Evernote even if they created it. The evernote database is essentially PLAIN TEXT. You can read it in Notepad.
  17. Then you shouldn't install Evernote on your company PC unless you agree to effectively share that data with your company. It is their PC. You can uninstall Evernote, remove the folders, then use the web version. I honestly cannot think of a single app on Windows that has a PIN lock on it. Or my Mac. It is something that has become a bit more common on mobile platforms as parents let kids play games or watch netflix, but don't want them to have access to apps like Evernote, Lastpass, etc. Plus, it is strangely common that people don't lock their phone, which is why most apps with confident
  18. It is on their servers. They are relying on your PC and local security, just like 99.9% of all apps out there that don't support local data encryption. Your user profile should be locked via password, and your hard drive should be encrypted. If you don't want anyone able to get to the data at all even if logged in as you, which your IT department could do, you'll need to just use the website.
  19. Can you be more specific? I haven't noticed any material change in the last 2 years to annotations.
  20. The only way you will have a secure model that the government cannot access is if you use a tool that lets you generate your own keys. Evernote does not allow this for personal account. It might for business. I don't recall. All of your data is encrypted at rest on the servers, but Evernote does have the keys. Any cloud service you use where you are encrypting data but not generating your own keys can be unlocked by the hosting company if necessary.
  21. Note that if you use local notebooks exclusively you will lose some features. Evernote servers are what index file contents and do OCR for pdf files and images allowing you to search. Given your asks above, I don’t think Evernote is right for you. Perhaps notepad files via Dropbox or something similar?
  22. According to Apple's site, the 5S does support iOS 11. The 5 and 5c do not. There was a hard stop with those as Apple only supports 64 bit processors now, and those two had 32bit. See this article. If you have a 5 or 5c, you cannot install it. Evernote is now 64 bit only on iOS and macOS.
  23. Of that I have no doubt @JMichaelTX but if I had to guess, I would say it is significantly less than 1% of Evernote users script anything in Evernote. I suspect that puts a dampener on further development. But, I cannot wait to see the emojis released in 2019!
  24. Don't know why they would bother. If they wanted to support scripting on Windows, they would just build powershell commandlets. That I wouldn't use. I don't use AppleScript either. My idea of a good time isn't scripting app stuff.
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