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  1. There is a pre-defined Shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app that says "Add new note from Watch" but I'll be darned if I can figure it out. I can tap on it in the Shortcuts app and do a note, but I don't know how to make this work from the Apple Watch, which would seem to be the point. I'm not seeing how to install Shortcuts to the Watch via the Watch app on my phone, and there isn't anything obvious on my Watch to make this happen that I've found. Running all the latest release versions on iOS and watchOS. (No beta's)
  2. Contact support directly. It could be the installing and unstalling, and the multiple syncs that entails, caused you to hit your limit as a free user.
  3. It always uninstalls, but I do think this is the first time it stops to tell you that and press Ok. If you had watched the earlier "upgrades" closely, one of the progress bars is "removing old version" or something to that effect. Nothing is lost. It is just removing the app files, no data, no settings. You should be ok.
  4. Looks at quote. Looks at thread title.
  5. well, upgraded with no reboot. 👍
  6. Reboot requirement is a new thing. l'll have to wait to try this. I don't recall ever seeing that. Normally it just uninstalls and installs fine, and might fuss if Outlook isn't closed first.
  7. Ok. I didn't check for the update. It just told me it was there. I only checked to get the screengrabs above. I too have seen crashes in the past few days, but never when using. Only after suspending and whatnot, so haven't had an issue to lose data or work.
  8. I have beta 6.18.3 but it is asking me to install the latest version, 6.17.7 Public (308474). I wasn't paying attention to versions so said OK, and obviously got this. The update notification: My installed version:
  9. It may also be that notes deleted on other platforms (mac, web, mobile) aren't adding the date either, but I know some of the deleted notes missing dates in my trash were definitely deleted on Windows, so at some point, it removes/loses them. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Don't get hung up on that Deleted date. I have 838 notes in my trash can, and the deleted date only goes through Jan 24, 2019. Anything before that has an empty deleted date. Maybe it only keeps 90 days of "deleted dates" in that field??? Whatever the issue is, that has been around for a long time.
  11. They must have changed it at some point in the past. I just verified what you did. It used to be if you deleted a notebook in Windows, it would permanently delete all notes in the notebook and those in the trash associated with that notebook, because they seemed to really still be in that notebook, just marked for deletion.
  12. I don't think you are deleting notebooks. As others have noted, when you delete, it asks for a confirm. Furthermore, when you delete a notebook, it is permenant, and all notes, even those in the trash, are purged forever, so they wouldn't be there to restore.
  13. Does help. Thanks. Even better, a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ does the links as well, and you can trim it in Notepad++ pretty easily. Just do a search for "https://www.evernote.com/shard/sX/nl/XXXXX/" and replace with nothing.
  14. Select the note you want Press the CTRL key and hold it, then select Note, Copy Internal Link. This will force EN to copy an evernote:// style URL. Go where you want the shortcut to be and right-click in Windows, New Shortcut. Paste the Evernote URL, name the shortcut.
  15. Make sure you have iOS 11 on your iPhone, then just download from the app store. It won't work with iOS 10 or earlier.
  16. No. Not when I follow your steps: Select all desired notes. Right-CLick and Copy Internal Links (CTRL-ALT-L) In Excel Paste. It doesn't matter if I paste as text or do a regular paste, I just get note titles. A regular paste though does make the URL embedded in the cell, which as I noted before, you can get to via VBA, but not via normal Excel formulas.
  17. Interesting. when I do this I just get the note subject, not the raw URL. If I do a normal paste, it is the note subject, but with the URL embedded in the cell. Doing that you'd need a bit of VBA to get the URL out.
  18. Just minor addendum on the GUID. It will change for a note if you move it between Consumer Evernote and Business Evernote. Notes don't actually move in those scenarios. They are copied then deleted at the source. If you don't have Evernote Business, then it doesn't matter. If you do, just be aware.
  19. Yes, sort of. Grab all of the notes you want the GUID for, then create a table of contents note for them. Export the TOC note as an ENEX or HTML file. Edit in either exported file in a text editor. extract the GUIDs from the XLM/HTML code.
  20. It does, but not with the note count like the desktop does on the status bar. Oddly enough, it does for save searches though.
  21. The Custom Dictionary file is a text file in C:\Users\username\Evernote\LocalStorage but it has a checksum, so it doesn't seem you can just add stuff to the text file via a text editor. Best you may be able to do is add all the words you use frequently to a single note, then right-click and add them. There would conceivably be a ton if dictionaries to add beyond medical. Computer, Greek/Hebrew, proper names from history, biology, etc. I would think though if you added them as per above, you could keep that custom dictionary.txt file with you from PC to PC.
  22. I've never seen anything in the left panel accidentally disappear. You have to right-click on it and delete it, and you'll get a confirmation. You can move it, but you've just changed its location, maybe moving a notebook from one stack to another. Can you be more clear on what exactly you are referring to?
  23. Either that, or don't connect to the Wifi and just use LTE. That is the only way you can guarantee security. Even if you use their Wifi with your VPN, they may block VPN traffic, and if you disconnect the VPN and it stays connected to wifi, your apps, like Evernote, will continue to sync in the background, and that is open to being decrypted by your IT department. Once you use IT resources, be it a computer, phone, or just their network access, you are agreeing to having your traffic decrypted while it is on their network before it is re-encrypted to go to the internet.
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