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  1. BUt just to clarify, the data is not encrypted on the local machine or your server, just the communication, right?
  2. Just curious to see how much other use their database. I am a premium member so have been adding files more often with that feature. I have 1,352 notes and it is about 360MB. (For Windows 7/Vista, you can see the file size at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\) I've been using it since v1.x many eons ago but with the 3.x release and premium features, I have probably used it more in the last 12-18 months than I did in the previous 5+ years.
  3. thanks. that helps. I wish it would sync after you either minimize Evernote or move to a different note, syncing the one that was just saved to the local DB. Would be a nice premium feature. That would get my money.
  4. Is the sync frequency higher with the premium version? I've found that the 1 hour sync frequency of the free version just isn't cutting it for me. Off often I log off or undock my laptop and changes don't get sync'd to my account. Then when I get home and use my desktop PC, whatever I did in Evernote during that last hour isn't there. I searched help but could find nothing on that topic.
  5. Are there plans to bring the full client back to Windows Mobile devices?
  6. These aren't log files. They are the actual note created on the device. They are in \storage card\my documents. The reason I found them is I opened Pocket Word and there they all were. These aren't log files within the \evernote program folder.
  7. I found a bunch of strange text files in My Documents on my storage card - things like "04.28.2008 xxxxxx.txt" (where xxxxxx was probably the time stamp) and it turned out these were notes created on the device with the 3.x client and then uploaded. I'd prefer those be deleted after uploading. Doesn't the client only see what is on the web anyway? Is there any benefit to keeping them on the device? Of course, my real preference is a full client with an evernote database on the device...
  8. Having had the full mobile client, the current one leaves a LOT to be desired. Offline access is a must. the Web UI is just too slow.
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