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  1. 3 hours ago, scottdfuller said:

    I searched for this particular question but did not find it among the lengthy discussion about on-demand syncing.  

    I use Evernote on a home computer where I have a large enough hard drive that I can maintain a local copy.  However, at work, I still use Evernote but have a smaller hard drive and want to limit the size of the Evernote file.  The plan is to try on-demand sync on that work computer.

    I logged out of my Windows desktop Evernote.  I deleted the .exb file from my computer with plans to activate on-demand sync.  

    When I logged back in, I found the settings and checked the "Enable on demand sync."   However, I can see that Evernote is currently rebuilidng my whole .exb file and it's getting close to the size it was before.

    My first question is...do I need to uncheck other sync boxes in this same list?  Are the other checked boxes overriding the on-demand choice?

    If not, do I need to enable the on-demand sync FIRST, before deleting the file, and relogging in to Evernote?  I'm wondering if it started doing the sync before I was able to find and click the "Enable on demand sync" in time.


    1. Check the "Show Advanced Options" in the Options dialog (lower left corner)
    2. go to the Synchronization section. 
    3. Check the Purge Rarely Viewed Note content. (this doesn't delete data, it just removes the note body from your local copy. The metadata remains (subject, tags, etc.).
    4. Change the Purge Note Content... days to your preference. If you just want it to clean up, change it to 1 day and check back in a day or so. Then change it to something more reasonable. I keep mine at 7. The more days you have, the larger your local copy is.


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  2. 4 hours ago, s2sailor said:

    A couple of others that I find useful. In addition to controlling the merge order you can also define what the border between the merged notes looks like.  Also Windows allows you to set color and font for tag and notebook names  helping them stand out in the left hand pane

    Yes. I never merge notes on the Mac. I just stick them in a temp notebook and merge when I get to my PC. I never know what order they will get merged in. 

    • Mac version doesn't have notes on demand, which is super-handy with a 10GB and growing database. I don't need all of those notes on my machine at all times.
    • When you create a table of contents, the Mac version doesn't do anything to let you know it is a TOC. The windows client lets you search for sourceurl:"file://Table*" to see all table of contents notes.
    • Mac version has a useless tool bar for notes. In fact, it has no tool bar. Just a big green SHARE button. You have to hit the ellipses to get to useful commands like print, trash, etc. There is no productivity gain for this. This is just Evernote trying to get people to share notes to get others to install and buy Evernote.
    • You cannot put your shortcuts across the top like you can on the WIndows client, so you have this long list down the left that makes you scroll further to even find your notebooks.
    • The mac version has no user interface to allow automatic importing of files through a monitored folder.

    Those are just a few things off the top of my head. I do my level best to NOT use my Mac client, instead saving work when I am at my PC. I know some of those can be done via scripting, or may not be of value, but objectively, the Mac client is less capable than the Windows client. Whether or not those capabilities matter to someone is an individual issue for someone to decide.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, mike_garner said:

    Me too. Nothing new on this. I was signed out of Scannable somehow.


    1. Force kill the app and try to sign back in.
    2. if you have 2 factor authentication set up, is it asking for your code?
    3. uninstall/reinstall Scannable.


    it is working fine here, and I have whatever is the latest in the app store.

  4. On 10/14/2019 at 2:58 PM, Bentot said:

    I emailed myself the log file and did a search for "size". Found it!

    The title of the item was there, so I went back to my phone and searched. Sure enough it was in the trash and contained a bunch of photos I had taken. All the photos were related (subject-wise), but I don't recall trying to sync them to Evernote.

    In the future a better search term might be "refusing to upload"

    Good job finding it. I've had more than one sync issue caused by notes in the trash on my iPhone.

  5. On 9/15/2019 at 12:12 AM, miller.wp@gmail.com said:

    I foolishly updated to the Beta version of Evernote. Now I cannot do the most important operation which is to clip an article, e.g. a food recipe, by clicking the little green Elephant as it does not appear on my browser (Chrome) anymore

    The Chrome clipper is independent of the installed evernote client. Just go to the google extension store and re-install it. Not sure why it got uninstalled. The clipper actually pushes content directly to the Evernote service, not your local client. Your client sync's it down.

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  6. Win32 refers to both 32bit and 64bit apps. It is the API interface, not the bittedness.

    The underlying platform of macOS does have its roots in the 70's, but the user interface was developed fresh when they started over with OS X and was designed to handle multiple DPI monitors of high and low res (which Windows still cannot handle without the DPI percentage adjustment hack) and their UI was designed to have better control so the OS could adjust apps colors right from the start. Hence system wide dark mode without apps having to be rewritten.

    Windows has done the same rewrite by the way, but only for UWP/PWA style apps. Which no one is using. My understanding it is a virtual impossibility to do it for Win32. It would be as much work for developers to rewrite to support as it would to just redo their apps. Which will be never. We'll be dealing with Win32 APIs until well past 2050. IT departments will not rewrite apps to support dark mode. If you want dark mode, they will let you use the AS/400.

    Ibm green screen tutorial

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  7. 6 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  Please see the comments in this thread.  We're told Windows won't support it...  :(

    More specifically, Windows dark mode doesn't support the old Win32 style apps, which is what 99% of apps on Windows are. It only supports the UWP, PWA style apps. Evernote could roll their own, but instead of it being a single Dark Mode experience for users, users would have to manually configure each Win32 app, and Evernote (and other dev's) would have to come up with a UI to modify, and support multiple DPI modes, video drivers, etc. It gets to be a mess. I can be done of course, but Windows makes it really really difficult and tedious to do.

    And I don't think all Store apps can be supported either. There is an Evernote in the store, but it is a Win32 app written with a wrapper so it can be downloaded from the store.

    I'm not defending Evernote, or Windows. It is just a huge mess. Which is to be expected with an OS that has its roots in the mid-90's.

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  8. 23 hours ago, RicardoFer said:

    Hi! I have changed my lap hard drive and can't synchronize my notes with my cel. I have the basic edition. I don't know how to add my lap as second device allowed by the licence. If anybody may have a suggestion, will be much appreciated!!!!


    If you had a previous laptop/hard drive, you may need to go to the web client, remove your device there, then try syncing. It may think you already have a device, or you have some other older device, or a mobile device and your 2 count is up. It will not remove devices automatically.

  9. 24 minutes ago, bobzani said:

    Could someone please tell me what this symbol means and how to correct it? The ! over sync.

    Evernote !.PNG

    1. Try syncing again. Sometimes it is a transient sync error.
    2. Close evernote, reopen and try again.
    3. If those fail, sync again, and immediately open the Activity Log. Help|Activity log.
      1. Make the window large enough you can read it. It is too small to really make use of in the default size. Just maximize it.
      2. Read from the bottom up to see what the most recent lines say and look for an error.

    If the error in the log looks like something you can fix, post back here and we can help. If it says something like " server unavailable" or something, you'll need to check your internet connectivity and ensure there isn't anything blocking access.


  10. 2 hours ago, dconnet said:

    File-changed notifications are notoriously bad on network devices. (Not the same reason we don't support putting the exb out there - that's because file locking is notoriously bad.)

    I figured there was a reason. For me it was always frustrating because I am an Import & Delete guy, so once the file existed, I just wanted it in Evernote. I eventually set up a robocopy script to sync a network folder our copier scanned to to a local folder on my PC.

  11. 2 hours ago, Tcellguy said:

    I'm not even sure humans are available in support at this point. I'm getting randomly copied portions of my emails copied into generic sentences like "I appears you're having problems with "insert text". 


    I submitted a ticked about my Mac and included a screenshot and activity log.


    Support asked me to restart my phone and clear my cache. When I informed them that a Mac is not a phone they asked me to "clear my cache".


    When I asked them what they meant by clearing my cache a new agent replied and asked me if I had notes synced locally to my device and recommended to sort my notes by sync status to see if they were unsynced (which I don't see as an option in the macOS client). 

    Is this for real? Is this some AI experiment?

    It does make you wonder if this is how the Support team keyboards look.


    [Image - 89842] | Copypasta | Know Your Meme

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  12. 1 hour ago, JellyFox said:

    Finally it's working! Deleting/closing/opening/adding the folder back didn't work, but that folder was on a campus network drive. When I put the folder on my desktop it worked- maybe that was the problem. Thanks for your help!

    Network drives are specifically not supported in this scenario. I'm not exactly sure why, but this has been the case for many many years.

    Glad you figured it out and got it working.

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  13. 1 hour ago, wsp said:

    Thanks. Just a few minutes ago I discovered how to do this. Now I will have to brood over the question of whether I will be losing any essential information by modifying the creation date.

    You could also modify the "updated" date, but that would change automatically if you edit the note again.

    If your dates are super specific this won't work, buy if they are more of a month year thing, you could add tags and use those. 201905 for May 2019 for example. That gets too tedious though of you need days too.

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