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  1. @Jeshi - the Apple Watch does not count as an additional device. it is considered 1 with your iPhone. I do think your iPhone has to be active as a device. You cannot, for example, set up your iphone, connect your watch, then deactivate your iphone in favor of an iPad. The watch would stop working at that point.


    All kind of moot right now given that unless, like me, you are still on 8.x, there is no watch app right now.

  2. I am still holding fast with 8.x on my phone. If you got to the App Store for iOS and sort reviews by "Most Recent" it is overwhelmingly 1/2 star ratings.

    I would definitely install it if, like Windows/Mac versions, Evernote put an "Evernote Classic" app back in the app store that was the latest 8.x build and test and offer feedback on issues, but I cannot rely on it as is as my main app. 

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  3. I've seen this as well. It happened to me when I allowed Evernote access to selected photos vs all photos. It is a new iOS 14 feature. But it keeps asking. In fairness, I have seen this with other apps too though, so not sure if this is an ios 14 bug or the devs aren't 100% sure how to use the new feature.

    For me the fix was to go into iphone privacy settings and give evernote access to ALL photos, then go back in and deny access. But if you try to import photos again and give it selected access this loop will happen again, so if you do it frequently, give evernote access to all photos. That was all you could do with ios 13 and earlier anyway. 

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  4. On 8/28/2020 at 3:42 PM, RobinM said:

    I'm going through my notes and updating/deleting but, if I make any changes, the cursor jumps back to the top of the notes list. I then have to spend ages finding the last note I looked at so I can carry on. How do I turn off auto sync while I'm doing this? I'm using a Macbook with the latest OS.

    Edit: I don't think it's sync. I turned the internet off and it still did it. I'll add a separate tag to a selection as I go and deal with them from there in smaller sections.

    Change your sort to be on the updated column so it is always at the top/bottom, whichever. You may have it sorting on title and it alphabetically just vanishes on you going to where it needs to be.

  5. What version is this? I have 7.14 on my mac, and it is the latest and the sync button is there.

    If it is gone from a future version, I wholeheartedly agree, it needs to be there. I am careful on my machines (Windows and Mac) to do a final manual refresh and wait until it stops spinning until I suspend either laptop. I cannot afford to have notes orphaned on one machine because it didn't sync.

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  6. On 8/22/2020 at 1:12 PM, PinkElephant said:

    Where is the Problem: Select the notes, Click merge, done ?

    We are here not discussing that there would be NO merge, we are discussing whether it is necessary to preselect a sequence into the merge.

    If you want it, vote for it.

    We have voted for it. The frustration is the Windows client does this. What is the point of merging notes of they merge in a seemingly random order, or any order that is not what the user wants? I'm thankful I have a Windows machine. This is so back on macOS that when I need to merge there, I just move those notes into a tempMerge folder and merge them later on my Windows PC.

    The vote feature here is kinda lame. Not many Evernote users are even on this forum, much less understand how the voting works. But this idea has been around going on 5 years and it never happens. We just get more stuff we don't vote for, like increasingly large NEW NOTE buttons, removal of note toolbars, etc.

  7. Yes, you should enable the "purge rarely viewed content." 

    To @CalS's point though, unlike iOS, you cannot tell the Windows client to always keep certain data on your PC. You could set a higher number of days to keep data. 60, 90, whatever, but then your database will grow.

    I've found I don't care. My laptop is pretty much always connected so I have mine set for 15 days. Searching still works as the search is done via the cloud.

    But if it is critical that certain notes are always on your machine, this is not a good feature to use. But if you turn it on and let it work, it will make your PC and Evernote client much more responsive if you have a lot of data and notes.

  8. To really boost performance on Windows. enable the Sync on Demand feature.


    It will remove the note contents from your local database until you click on it. You can still search, and everything remains in the cloud. I keep the last 30 days of notes I've used on my PC, but other than that, I have over 20,000 notes most of which I do not use regularly, so my 8-9GB of data is using less than 500MB right now, and that is a huge performance boost because the SQL Lite or MYSql or whatever database EN uses is not efficient at all, especially when it does a cleaning operation, which you notice when you are doing not much at all and your HD goes nuts and Evernote stops working or gets jerky.

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  9. On 7/22/2020 at 10:49 PM, Imluvndabeach said:

    I have a message that I have reached 9.9 of 10 MB of my monthly limit & the limit will reset in 18 days. Any workaround? I am a Premium member. 18 days! I won’t be able to add any information for 18 days? Help! 🤓 Is there a way to reduce / condense / compress what I have to back off that 9.9 number? 

    Premium users have 10GB , not 10MB. Have you really uploaded 9.9GB in one month?

  10. On 6/3/2020 at 11:10 AM, MrMike said:

    The app would be much more useful without this cumbersome requirement. The main reason I got an iWatch was so I wouldn't need to scramble for my iPhone each time I want to create a note. Sure, I can create a note on the iWatch, but what's the use of it if I can't sync it until later when I have my phone on me? This is especially relevant for those of us with LTE capability on the iWatch, for whom the requirement to have an iPhone nearby defeats the purpose of having LTE. This should be a straightforward fix. Please prioritize it.

    I agree, but I suspect it is the complexity of having a "standalone" version of Evernote on the watch vs a companion app that communicates with the app on the phone, which does most of the heavy lifting and sends/receives the data the watch needs.

  11. On 1/13/2020 at 3:28 PM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

    Huh. In the Windows program? Doesn't work for me.

    So it works sometimes. It doesn't work all of the time on complex HTML pages, but the more pure text with HTML links vs lots of CSS and other HTML garbage, the more likely it is to work. In its simplest form, create a Table of Contents note, then do the above steps in Windows and all links will go away.

  12. When I snip using the Chrome clipper (Actually the Chrome Evernote clipper in the stable release channel of Chromium based Edge) in the Microsoft Power Apps Community Forum, the page turns black and the note is unusable. Here is a link to a page I wanted to capture. I have to use Article mode because the Simplified Article messes up the Code boxes.

    Here is what the page looks like normally.



    Here is what it looks like after the Clipper does its thing. The preview is ok, but as soon as I hit "Submit" the screen goes black and the text becomes unreadable against the background, then it saves the black note.



  13. 3 hours ago, scottdfuller said:

    I searched for this particular question but did not find it among the lengthy discussion about on-demand syncing.  

    I use Evernote on a home computer where I have a large enough hard drive that I can maintain a local copy.  However, at work, I still use Evernote but have a smaller hard drive and want to limit the size of the Evernote file.  The plan is to try on-demand sync on that work computer.

    I logged out of my Windows desktop Evernote.  I deleted the .exb file from my computer with plans to activate on-demand sync.  

    When I logged back in, I found the settings and checked the "Enable on demand sync."   However, I can see that Evernote is currently rebuilidng my whole .exb file and it's getting close to the size it was before.

    My first question is...do I need to uncheck other sync boxes in this same list?  Are the other checked boxes overriding the on-demand choice?

    If not, do I need to enable the on-demand sync FIRST, before deleting the file, and relogging in to Evernote?  I'm wondering if it started doing the sync before I was able to find and click the "Enable on demand sync" in time.


    1. Check the "Show Advanced Options" in the Options dialog (lower left corner)
    2. go to the Synchronization section. 
    3. Check the Purge Rarely Viewed Note content. (this doesn't delete data, it just removes the note body from your local copy. The metadata remains (subject, tags, etc.).
    4. Change the Purge Note Content... days to your preference. If you just want it to clean up, change it to 1 day and check back in a day or so. Then change it to something more reasonable. I keep mine at 7. The more days you have, the larger your local copy is.


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  14. 4 hours ago, s2sailor said:

    A couple of others that I find useful. In addition to controlling the merge order you can also define what the border between the merged notes looks like.  Also Windows allows you to set color and font for tag and notebook names  helping them stand out in the left hand pane

    Yes. I never merge notes on the Mac. I just stick them in a temp notebook and merge when I get to my PC. I never know what order they will get merged in. 

    • Mac version doesn't have notes on demand, which is super-handy with a 10GB and growing database. I don't need all of those notes on my machine at all times.
    • When you create a table of contents, the Mac version doesn't do anything to let you know it is a TOC. The windows client lets you search for sourceurl:"file://Table*" to see all table of contents notes.
    • Mac version has a useless tool bar for notes. In fact, it has no tool bar. Just a big green SHARE button. You have to hit the ellipses to get to useful commands like print, trash, etc. There is no productivity gain for this. This is just Evernote trying to get people to share notes to get others to install and buy Evernote.
    • You cannot put your shortcuts across the top like you can on the WIndows client, so you have this long list down the left that makes you scroll further to even find your notebooks.
    • The mac version has no user interface to allow automatic importing of files through a monitored folder.

    Those are just a few things off the top of my head. I do my level best to NOT use my Mac client, instead saving work when I am at my PC. I know some of those can be done via scripting, or may not be of value, but objectively, the Mac client is less capable than the Windows client. Whether or not those capabilities matter to someone is an individual issue for someone to decide.

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