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  1. me urge cambiar mi cuenta a business 


    1. EdH


      contact evernote support. I am not an evernote employee.

  2. EGAM

    EGAM    EdH

    Hi EdH, Thank you for trying to help however when I contacted support this is what they responded with!!! Any other ideas? I'm the guy that merged 148 notes by mistake trying to get them back individually


    It sounds like you are attempting to un-merge notes which you have recently merged together. In order to better assist you, I’d like to gather a little more information.

    Currently there is not un-merge option to restore the notes back to the way it was before. When notes are merged, the original notes goes into trash, allowing you to restore them back. I understand the notes are note in trash in your account.

    The options are somewhat limited to restore the merged notes back. One option is to create 148 copies of the merged note and delete the unneeded content for each note. Another option would be just to copy the note content of each note and recreate the notes that way.

    I know this is not the news you were hoping to hear.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.



    1. EdH


      If they aren't in your trash, I don't know that you have any choice but to do it manually. There are different ways to do that, but none of them are awesome.

      As to why the thread is locked, I will see if I can find out. Sometimes they go in and try to clean stuff up and accidentally mess up good threads.

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  3. Hi Ed

    You wrote "advanced note taking/keeping when you consider the features"

    Serious question - what is advanced about EN note taking? Tags? Or? 



    Vancouver BC

    1. EdH


      Mostly the tagging and advanced search capabilities. It isn't a rich text environment like Word or OneNote. It supports fonts and outlines, but not much more. 

      OneNote supports keyword search, but that is about it. You cannot search by multiple tags, or exclude tags, or tell it to only search in a specific notebook, or exclude a notebook from the search. And OneNote won't OCR your PDF/Image files unless you do a hokey "insert as printout" command which renders PDFs as images in your files.

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