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  1. me urge cambiar mi cuenta a business 


    1. EdH


      contact evernote support. I am not an evernote employee.

  2. Of that I have no doubt @JMichaelTX but if I had to guess, I would say it is significantly less than 1% of Evernote users script anything in Evernote. I suspect that puts a dampener on further development. But, I cannot wait to see the emojis released in 2019!
  3. Don't know why they would bother. If they wanted to support scripting on Windows, they would just build powershell commandlets. That I wouldn't use. I don't use AppleScript either. My idea of a good time isn't scripting app stuff.
  4. Yeah, the UI, as well as half a dozen features....
  5. But the CEO considers the Mac client the one to strive for..... 😒
  6. Then it is gone. If you were using a web browser with no or spotty internet connectivity, then you weren't connected and were just typing in a big white box. The Evernote web client has no offline capability at all.
  7. I would love it if settings could be sync'd, but I do understand why they are not. some settings don't work on all platforms, so every platform would have to have settings sync'd to a separate place. Some people have different settings per machine. For example, back when I had a personal Windows PC, I had different Import Folders configured than on my work PC. So as other's have said, I have a note that has a screencap of my most critical settings, and I just key those in again once I get my client up and running.
  8. Yes. It simply blocks further syncing. If the client is running, it will not force-close the client. You are revoking access to cloud data, not initiating a logoff or a wipe-data command. This is not designed as a security tool. It is simply a way to control your device count. Free users only get access to two clients, and this provides them a way to revoke unused clients so they can get another client working.
  9. Just note that on Windows and the Mac, it does not delete the local databases those apps have. So while you cannot launch Evernote.exe and use it, both apps keep their data on your PC is pretty much plain text format, unless you have specifically encrypted text. Evernote relies on your PC's security model for access to its local database, so passwords, encrypted hard drives, etc. On mobile devices it pretty much does block access and all iOS devices and most high end Android devices support encryption, and you generally cannot just launch a file explorer and go look at those local databases.
  10. FWIW, you can find out what is shared by searching for: Still should be a feature. But... we have emoji!
  11. Just add that user to your Ignore list @jefito. Their history on this forum has done nothing to assist other users, just criticize.
  12. I just tested that. It only does it for TXT files. I tried some PBIX files and it worked without the FILE:// URL thingy. So it is treating text files differently. But that makes some sense. Other files are imported as files. Text files have the contents of the text file added to the note and the file itself is not imported, so you lose the file name. They are retaining the file name. But not sure the massively long path is necessary.
  13. I am not seeing this behavior in Evernote I have mine set to import and not keep the source file, same as you. Hrm....
  14. Yes, for the client you are right. At least the Windows client. For the servers, MySQL... https://www.mysql.com/customers/view/?id=1211 & https://evernote.com/blog/whysql/ - but that has nothing to do with why it is so slow on the Windows platform.
  15. Well, if is as useful as Context in Evernote and Related Notes in your google browser search, what could possibly go wrong?
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