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  1. If your notes are in List View, you can right-click on the headers and there are 3 Reminder columns you can add: Reminder: this seems to be some random time. Maybe when it was set? Reminder Time: This is the due date and time. Reminder Done: When you completed it, if it is complete. #2 above is what you want most likely.
  2. EdH

    Sync won't stop.

    How large is your database? What happens if you go to Help|Activity Log? Does it show it is working, or contantly hung on one item? If it is working through stuff, and you have a large database, just let it go. I've seen it take a while to reindex or do whatever it does if it thinks something is wrong with the database to clean it up. If it is stuck, or you have a small database, contact help (see my sig) and they will want to see the activity log.
  3. EdH

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    How about no. 🤣🤣
  4. EdH

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    Yes it does. Thanks. Wasn't aware of that. As someone who grew up with DarkMode, I've yet to find a reason to jump onto this recent fad.
  5. EdH

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    Right, but it would be Evernote's flavor of how Darkmode should work, or Firefoxes, or whatever. They could definitely do that. I guess they have chosen, for now at least, to work with the OS makers to ensure good integration into device-wide darkmode so the user experience is consistent, so it works on macOS. iOS doesn't have it yet.. It may work on Android - I don't keep up with that. And then when the OS does support it, they would have to spend time undoing all of their changes so it did work with the OS-wide setting.
  6. EdH

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    The OS has no Win32 support for Dark Mode, and it just got it with 1809 for UWP apps, and virtually no one has 1809 except insiders. What is Evernote supposed to do? Roll their own UI model because Microsoft won't?
  7. EdH

    Windows 10 in S Mode - app not working

    Please see this thread. Apparently the store app only works on Windows 10 in normal mode, not S-Mode. Continue the discussion there so it is in one place.
  8. Delete the notebook from the web. That should avoid any local client side syncing that would cause a problem due to size.
  9. EdH

    editing in a pdf

    No. If it is under 100 pages (I think that limit still exists) EN Premium will OCR and index the terms in the PDF file so you can search words in the file, but it does not turn it into an editable document. You'd need a dedicated PDF editor as @jefito. Depending on what you want to do, Word 2016/Office 365 may work for you, but I've had mixed results with that. The more graphics/tables/images in the file, the worse Word does. Does pretty well for a pure text document though.
  10. EdH

    Bring Back Reminders!

    Moved to web forum as this seems to be about the web version and not the windows client, which still very much has reminders.
  11. Unfortunately Adobe Reader will run scripts and it seems that is what happened. Could have been a script embedded in the pdf you opened. Unless you need that specific app, consider uninstalling and using edge or chrome as your pdf handler.
  12. Well, you can do this in the other direction. It is a Table of Contents note. Create your subsections as individual notes, then select them all and create a Table of Contents note. I then put checkboxes next to each one. Then as I work through them, I check them off. Not exactly what you are asking for, but it is workable.
  13. You could switch to List View then sort by Create Date. View|Note List.
  14. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    Not seeing that here, but I did notice yesterday the highlight feature seemed to be slow in catching up, so maybe it just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Today my searches and word highlights are instant.
  15. EdH

    Support for new iPad Pros and Pencil 2?

    I do have an iPad Pro, the original 12.9, and have a pencil. But I don't use it for note taking because I prefer a bullet journal for writing. I gave up on making Penultimate work for me years ago, but thought it might be a solution to your problem. I wasn't aware you'd heard of it. Evernote has done a good job of hiding its existence after they purchased it. Kinda like Skitch and Scannable.