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  1. Personally, I'd prefer the pachyderm remain anonymous. Names are limiting. No matter what moniker wins someone's not gonna like it.
  2. Why not sticky the hot topics so they stay at the top and even folks who don't search can stumble upon them?
  3. Congrats Drew, According to my profile I joined on Jan. 2, 2005. Like you' I'm still hooked on 2.2. Glad to see another old timer still around.
  4. Dave, Thanks for still another thoughtful and forthright answer. I can relate to having a full plate and everyone wanting something very different and right away. I, for one will let the matter rest. I'm pretty sure all the meaningful cases have been presented. I think folks on both sides of the argument are a little too adamant their view is the (only) right one and it's pretty clear there's not going to be a meeting of the minds. Sometimes its just a matter of perspective. Thank you, Bob
  5. Dave, Thanks for the thoughtful response. I appreciate your perspective. Is it safe to say subnotebooks will not be in Evernote's future? Bob
  6. This "limitation" keeps popping up in these subnotebooks vs. tags threads but I'm not sure why. EN 2.2 allows a note to belong to as many categories (subnotebooks) as I care to assign it. Simply drag the desired categories from the sidebar list and drop them into the note header and you're done. Plus the parent\child relationships in the hierachy are maintained once they're created making it unnecessary to build them over each time. Just my 2 cents that don't make a dime's worth of difference....
  7. What crane said. More succinct and accurate than I could have managed.
  8. In EN 2.2 Notebooks and subnotebooks are called categories. Notes are not limited to existence in a single category. Any of my notes can belong to as many categories as I care to assign to it. I'm able to do all the things you list in your examples with ease plus I still have my folder structure for browsing which is handy for deciding which categories I want to assign to a new note. FWIW, I've never argued against tags. I just want subnotebooks\categories as they existed in 2.2. They work wonderfully and do not preclude the existence of tags. Respectfully
  9. pope22192, Your link is bad. Can you fix it please? Or just paste the URL? Thanks
  10. I think efforting's post is valid and reasonably expressed. I read nothing in it that qualifies it as a rant, spam or trolling. It's long but that's the OP's option IMHO.
  11. I'm a PC and I use IrfanView. It's free, full featured and relatively easy to use. http://www.irfanview.net/
  12. Skyfire handles the EN mobile site well on my Windows Mobile phone. They have a version for the Nokia Symbian Series 60 phones. Not sure if that's what your phone is running. http://get.skyfire.com/ Regards Bob
  13. What size do you need? If the image you currently have is good quality you can resize it with an image editor like Irfanview (freeware). I took a quick look at Google images and got better than 26K hits for Evernote. Most were not logos but you might take a look and see if you can find what you need.
  14. Assuming you mean you were using version 2.2 or earlier and not a previous version of the beta, you will have to import your notes. In the Menu bar simply click Note, then Import and either type the path or use the Browse button to point Evenote to your database. Do not use the Import Wizard. That's a different animal. Unless you uninstalled the original version of Evernote you should still be able to run it (even after you import your notes to version 3). Bob
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