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  1. Import it so that every item is in a new line, then mark all text and chose checkboxes. Hope this helps!
  2. Yes. I do not mind the three first aspects as everybody can chose a safe password either. But the brute force attack thing should really be considered by EN! But on the other hand, Google is not better and they have one of the best security engineers in the world.
  3. Hello, Anybody knowing why Evernote does not pass the brute force test in the DashLane test? https://blog.dashlane.com/dashlane-password-power-rankings-2017/ They say: "Does the website allow 10 incorrect login attempts without providing additional security (CAPTCHA, account lockout, 2-Factor, etc.)?" @Evernote: Is there a special reason or are there any plans for implementing this?
  4. Thank you very much for understanding the community! Not every company is able to admit that it took a wrong decision and change it again! I think privacy is one of the most important aspects when a product will get the second brain!
  5. I understand that the change of the privacy policy is necessary to make automatic machine learning possible. But what I absolutely don't understand is the fact that Evernote employees must access the user notes and notebooks to check if machine learning works correctly. It's a big difference if computers are accessing the data or real people. Can you please explain why this is necessary?
  6. Google Apps uses encryption at rest (https://support.google.com/work/answer/6056693?hl=de), Dropbox does and Todoist does. I really think Evernote should follow.
  7. I already assumed that you have to install a browser extension which encrypts/decrypts. Using a public computer (Internet Café/Library) with strict access policy is so not possible. But for a work computer it's also often impossible to install a piece of software but the installation of browser extensions is possible. For this purpose such an extension could be really useful...
  8. Is there a possibility to encrypt/decrypt notes in the Web Client when EN for Windows is not installed?
  9. Hello ilia5101982, That's really a feature that's missing in Evernote! Thank you for your work! :-) Do you plan an Android version too?
  10. Great work, Evernote! The handwriting is really awesome! Loving it!
  11. Yes, Penultimate is on iOS. But the handwriting-function will be directly integrated in the EN Android app. There is no separate app needed (so no Penultimate on Android but an EN app with handwriting!). I think this is much better as you have all in one app! That's why this time Android is ahead.
  12. Hello Cait, Welcome to the Forum. Personally, I use MindMeister, but the integration to EN is static, what means that you can attach a EN note but it uploads the content of the note. If you change the note the changes will not appear in MindMeister. AFAIK MindManager has an EN integration too. You may find more mindmap applications that integrate in this thread.
  13. I think Evernote's reminder feature is just the beginning. Phil already announced recurring reminders. I think the reminder feature will be extended in the future so this will probably close the gap.
  14. Recurring reminders are coming: http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2013/09/25/evernote-ceo-more-ios7-updates-fitness-features-recurring-reminders-on-the-way/
  15. Will the update be for free for those who have already purchased the guide?
  16. Thank you very much for the guide! I've been waiting for an "official" statement from David Allen for using EN for GTD for a long time! I bought it just two weeks ago and it's really a good help for using EN and GTD!
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