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  1. Import it so that every item is in a new line, then mark all text and chose checkboxes. Hope this helps!
  2. Yes. I do not mind the three first aspects as everybody can chose a safe password either. But the brute force attack thing should really be considered by EN! But on the other hand, Google is not better and they have one of the best security engineers in the world.
  3. Hello, Anybody knowing why Evernote does not pass the brute force test in the DashLane test? https://blog.dashlane.com/dashlane-password-power-rankings-2017/ They say: "Does the website allow 10 incorrect login attempts without providing additional security (CAPTCHA, account lockout, 2-Factor, etc.)?" @Evernote: Is there a special reason or are there any plans for implementing this?
  4. I think you are right. I sent a mail to the EN privacy address mentioned there.
  5. Hello, Evernote still cites the Safe Harbor program on their website (https://evernote.com/intl/de/legal/privacy.php) but it doesn't exist any more? When will Evernote be part of the EU-US-PrivacyShield (https://www.privacyshield.gov)?
  6. Thank you very much for understanding the community! Not every company is able to admit that it took a wrong decision and change it again! I think privacy is one of the most important aspects when a product will get the second brain!
  7. I understand that the change of the privacy policy is necessary to make automatic machine learning possible. But what I absolutely don't understand is the fact that Evernote employees must access the user notes and notebooks to check if machine learning works correctly. It's a big difference if computers are accessing the data or real people. Can you please explain why this is necessary?
  8. Google Apps uses encryption at rest (https://support.google.com/work/answer/6056693?hl=de), Dropbox does and Todoist does. I really think Evernote should follow.
  9. I already assumed that you have to install a browser extension which encrypts/decrypts. Using a public computer (Internet Café/Library) with strict access policy is so not possible. But for a work computer it's also often impossible to install a piece of software but the installation of browser extensions is possible. For this purpose such an extension could be really useful...
  10. Is there a possibility to encrypt/decrypt notes in the Web Client when EN for Windows is not installed?
  11. Hello, I know that there are a lot of threads concerning Evernote and TrueCrypt. With this thread I want to come back to this topic by using EN with VeraCrypt, the replacement for TrueCrypt which is no longer supported. I would like to install EN for Windows on my work computer as it has much more features than the Web Client. But I don't want to have a local copy of my database on the server of my employee. Theoratically only the admins can access it but as EN also contains a lot of private information I would like to secure my EN database. Therefore, I've installed VeraCrypt and put the EN database into an encrypted container. I've set EN so that it doesn't start with Windows but that VeraCrypt starts and mounts the volume where the EN database is located. Then I start EN. Do you have any concerns that this procedure may provoke a data loss? I don't think so if the volume is started before EN does but want to hear the opinion of the community. Thanks!
  12. Hello ilia5101982, That's really a feature that's missing in Evernote! Thank you for your work! :-) Do you plan an Android version too?
  13. Hello, It's already one year ago that EN released the reminder feature. This feature has been a very great step forward for EN and the implementation is really well done! Thank you, Evernote! According to Andrew Sinkov this was just the beginning. He wrote that the functionality of reminders would be expanded in the future. Unfortunately, this has not been the case until now. Recurring reminders are still missing although the feature has been requested a lot of times. I hope there will be some news on it soon! What do you mean?
  14. In the updated blog post Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection Phil Libin wrote that the traffic between the Evernote data centers is encrypted.
  15. I think jbenson is right: There are a lot of power Evernote users who are very interested in such functionalities and try to really understand how Evernote works as Evernote is their most important software tool. Evernote is such a powerful tool and if you go deeper there are some hidden features (like this one with the note links) that would be very useful to know and to publish...
  16. But it's a good idea: An ical-feed or something comparable to let your calendar show your Evernote reminders...
  17. I've not found a solution to search for all completed reminders. RemindersDoneTime:* unfortunately doesn't work. Does anyone know if this is posssible?
  18. With CONTROL + left mouse click you can already select multiple notes at once. This would also be very useful in the reminders list so that it's possible to delete multiple notes at once or change the notebook etc. One further operation would also be VERY uselful for reminders: Change the date for multiple reminders at once.
  19. Great work, Evernote! The handwriting is really awesome! Loving it!
  20. I really love the new handwriting feature and the quality is very good.
  21. It's very strange. Accessing evernote.com/mobile leads to Evernote's homepage. If you enter https://www.evernote.com/mobile (or even without https) you get the mobile version of Evernote.
  22. Does EN search only within MS Office Documents or even within OpenOffice files?
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