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  1. I installed the update on my iPhone 5s (iOS 10.3.1). Since then, opening a note from search results crashed the app. I reinstalled the app, now it crashes a couple of seconds after I launch it without me doing anything else... So, the update made Evernote unusable on my iPhone :-(
  2. This thread is about 2 ½ years old and the issue still persists. Still annoying on a daily basis. It feels like unwanted advertising, like spam...
  3. Any news here? I'm stil experiencing the issue and am happy to help if I can...
  4. I've always been using the app store version. I just realized that despite the error message, Skitch does sync (at least it works from iOS to OS X, can't test it the other way round because this would exceed my download limit...) So maybe the alert is just a GUI glitch? Still having the issue with the triples though! I'm gonna be offline for a week now. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
  5. Thanks for your help, Joe! I did change my password after the reset and it works fine with Evernote! I'm also using skitch for iOS, which works well. I didn't experience this problem before the latest update. Somehow, the Skitch helper won't shut down. However, rebooting my Mac should do the trick, right? Didn't help though... There is one thing that I realized that might matter: For some reason, every picture that I have in Skitch now appears three times! Both on iOS and OS X! Any ideas?
  6. Hi! For some reason skitch shows this errors message when I start it, saying that it failed to synced. I logged out and in to my Evernote account several times. I'm using Skitch 2.0.5 with OS X 10.7.5. This is what I found in the console: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s15/sh/7d889c96-939e-4ec7-bf4a-1f58028e9cde/2f5b321905b72af4c80c95006b10349e Can someone help me fix this? Thanks, Julius
  7. Hi! I just took a screenshot of something that I wanted to share on facebook. Usually, when you share a link to a jpg-file, the image is shown right in the posting, not in this case: Is that a Facebook or Skitch related problem? Can anyone confirm this? Julius PS: Maybe a "Share on Facebook" feature wouldn't be a bad idea...
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