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  1. The video seems to be more about him realising that his rush to judgement is often misjudged than Evernote itself. Rather self indulgent. Also, the backing track made me want to find him and do some damage,
  2. Has the local location of our data changed with this version?
  3. Always allow makes it go away for a while. The instructions that Nick posted above have made it at least appear to be fixed for me.
  4. A troll who loves facts and can't help telling everyone else all of them all of the time, just what we all really wanted. Shouldn't you be off researching some DR and nested folder thing so the rest of us can go back to some semblance of useful conversation?
  5. Shall we see if we can get this thread locked? It's become incredibly dumb and repetitive. As my old granny used to say "if you haven't got anything useful to say, then **** off away wit ya, ya useless $*** **** *****".
  6. As I think has already been said on here (multiple times), if you are so unhappy there can be little reason to hang around. Evernote have given no indication that they are going to change their view in the short/medium term on nested folders/notebooks/whatever. You haven't brought any new arguments to the table on the subject and really those of us who have been around long enough should know better than to get involved in a circular discussion like this. Our old friend Bnfries would have washed her hands of you and this ages ago, time the rest of us did the same.
  7. Someone new likes outlining.... Really support the idea that notes are rendered consistently across platforms and the fact that they are going to look decent too.
  8. The things you learn here.... I guess their highest ever enterprise numbers are the first step to that failure. The new pro is targeted at a very specific group of users and just comparing the specs of hardware is a really poor method. Anyway, pick a burger and sauce you like.
  9. Probably the most frontier gibberish I've seen posted on here for quite some time. Evernote are a business, they make decisions based on what they think will make their business successful. Lots of pieces of information help them make these decisions, I don't think that offending a dozen people on a user forum is a major contributor. I've never seen anyone from Evernote say that "Nested folders are evil", I've seen them say we have chosen a different path because we want to, because we are a business and because we believe that there are enough people who agree with us to make our business viable. I like Evernote a lot, I was a user on their first shard, back when that meant something. I make the choice, knowing the constraints and the bits I don't like to use the software. I know it's far from perfect, I'm loyal enough to jump ship as soon as something better comes along, I certainly wouldn't waste my time trying to push water up a hill on a user forum.
  10. I hate this burger, I really hate it, but I quite like the sauce that comes with it. Some other people like the burger and sauce so they keep ordering it. Some other people don't like the burger and/or the sauce so they stop ordering it. I'm going to keep torturing myself by ordering something I hate and then complain about it. Maybe I should just find a burger and sauce that I do like and that will make me happy?
  11. Very disappointed that the sky isn't falling in. What am I going to complain about?
  12. This is exactly why companies hate sharing information. They put together a nice short video about how they are building a new feature. Somehow that then develops into Group Fear that something awful is going to happen. Before you know it, The Verge will have 500 words and a clickbait headline about it.
  13. People like new shiny things...then there are the people that dislike change and will complain about anything new. Unless there's a good reason to update the UI like a new feature set then I'm not sure of the value.
  14. Running the latest beta and it works absolutely fine for me - I don't use spotlight for Evernote or AS.
  15. MacStories shared a load of iOS shortcuts including some with an Evernote focus https://www.macstories.net/shortcuts/#evernote
  16. So you've fixed disappearing line breaks and instead added new bonus ones? lolz
  17. If I was using an app from a chinese company that sync'd to servers in China, I'd be extremely suspicious about what is being sync'd and what isn't. Anyway, you say you understand the risks and the value/privacy of your data so that is fine. The Linux conversation has been going on for years, there are lots of contributing factors, the size of the user base, the number of distros, the communities preference not to pay for software/services, etc. As a commercial organisation, I'm sure that Evernote (and lots of other mainstream commercial organisations) would jump at the opportunity for a new revenue stream. It does seem pretty clear given the unwillingness for the vast majority of software suppliers to provide a linux solution that this opportunity is not big enough to warrant the risk. If you select a minority OS, this is the risk you take.
  18. Are you trusting a chinese company to take good care of your data? Good luck!
  19. Is there any way to swap the templates round so my templates appear first? Surely this makes sense as these are the most likely ones for me to choose.
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