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  1. Send me a PM and I'll upgrade it for you.
  2. We do our best to process those request in less than 24 hours. Will try to locate your request today. Thanks, Julien
  3. Hello fellow developers! I wanted to give you all a quick update on developer relations and more specifically how we are handling developer support. For the past couple of months, we’ve been directing developer support to Stack Overflow in order to move on to that platform. Stack Overflow provides great tools and a vibrant community that can enable great collaboration and support for developers of all levels. To finalize that move, we are closing the developer forum hosted by Evernote by making it read only. That way, all the previous threads will still be accessible to all of you, but future requests will have to be posted on Stack Overflow. We’ll also try to respond to remaining recent questions. Third party application discussions will remain active, and we encourage our developer community to continue to leverage them. Rules for third party discussions are here. Thanks! Julien
  4. @Andrew and @Nodrog, Is counted against the user's quota all the data that is sent to the service. If you are updating notes and not uploading the resources, only the body of the note will be counted. We haven't implemented rate limits yet, but we will in the near future. We will be communicating about that soon.
  5. Webhooks do not work for the moment with business notes. It's something that we are working on and will be releasing soon.
  6. At which step of the OAuth flow do you encounter this? Could you please give us more information on the error? The page should return a section that describes the error (for example the signature).
  7. Developer tokens and API keys are two different ways of authenticating: The developer token gives you access to only one account and we give you the NoteStore URL to know where the data is stored.Using an API key, any user can autorize your app to access his or her account. At the end of the authorization flow (OAuth) you get a NoteStore URL for each user.
  8. Changing passwords doesn't affect authentication tokens since the user's credentials aren't used to authenticate in that context. A user can manage all the apps that access an account from the web client.
  9. I just checked and your key isn't active on production. Please request its activation here.
  10. You should be able to create the note calling the business notestore directly. What error are you getting when using your initial method? Take a look a the Evernote Business documentation / section "Creating notes in a business notebook" for clarification.
  11. There seems to be an error with the ENML you are sending to the service and more specifically the en-todo tags. As a start, I would take a look at the documentation about ENML. Also, what are you trying to accomplish with your script? Could you send the ENML that is rejected by the service so we can take a look at it?
  12. It seems like we don't have that many Evernote developers on the forums that use Java ME. However, please note that our OAuth flow is standard, so using a popular library on that platform should work fine.
  13. That error code means that your ENML code ,which is the content of your note, is invalid (learn more about all the error codes here). Could you please share the content of that note?
  14. You can use the form used for the Trunk, it will go to the right person.
  15. Unfortunately our clipper technology isn't available in our SDK. Our API lets you save ENML content (subset of HTML) in a user's account, but you will have to create the clipping part of your project.