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  1. Just downloaded the latest Beta.  One issue I see is that when I select an image and hit enter it deletes the image.  Also, I find it extremely difficult to insert the cursor before the image to insert a blank line above the image.  Does anyone have a good workaround for this?

  2. I find it ironic that a program designed to "remember everything" has such a rudimentary search function. The windows client needs an advanced search function like the android version.  I'm sure most users aren't even aware of the proper syntax to enter in the search bar to achieve the desired results.  A menu-driven advanced search function would make searching much easier for the casual or not technically adept user.


    I agree that it would be great if you could perform a partial string search - that didn't have to start at the begin of a word. Often, I have to perform several searches to achieve the desired result. 

  3. Unfortunately, That is not a good solution. When you go to tools>options>Notes, It makes every PDF an attachment.  I have PDFs that I like to view inline and some I like to be viewed as attachments (encrypted PDFs).  They need to fix the bug that shows the encrypted PDF as a "line" and show it as an attachment.


    The only temporary work around that I have found is to attach the PDF "unencrypted" (do not sync), select "view as an attachment", then encrypt PDF. Sync after encrypted. NOT OPTIMAL.


    Support ticket filed #365710

  4. I have the same problem on Android. If a data connection is active, (Evernote for unknown reasons) needs to connect to the server, even though the note is stored for offline viewing.  This is problematic in an area of poor signal coverage. It delays or sometimes never displays the note until a good data connection is re-established.  I run into this problem all the time while traveling and I find it annoying.  I'm not sure why Evernote mechanized it this way.


    The only work-around that I know of is to turn mobile data off, This allows offline notes to load instantly.

  5. Maybe this will help.  If I find a location in Google Maps that I want to add to a note.

    • Right click on location (in google maps), select "whats here?". It will give Lat/Long, in decimal format, in the search bar.
    • Copy it (ctrl c).
    • Select the note in Evernote that I want to add a location
    • Go to "note info"
    • "click to set location"
    • Select "enter manually"
    • Paste coordinates (ctrl v)

    Hope that helps!

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  6. I have the latest Beta ( (270046)) and I noticed that "marked Up" attachment using the new "markup" feature are not getting indexed.


    ​I really like how this new feature is seamlessly integrated in evernote and  find it very useful.  I think I will hold off on using it till the indexing problem is resolved.

  7. I think Evernote takes one step forward and two steps back with version 5.  It reminds me of the Skitch fiasco on the Mac.  Usability has gone backwards.  It was nice to just look at folder and tell whether it was shared, or be able to see a scroll bar, or know the title of the note your working on without have to scroll to the top of the note.  In version 4, the thumb nail view allowed me to see 3 times as many notes in my note list.  Now we are stuck with a note list that gives partial thumb nails(too zoomed in).  You might even have to ask yourself, whether the software engineers or people responsible for design actually use the software.


    Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote and use it everyday.  But version 5 makes me wonder what Evernote was thinking.  


    I do like the new ability to highlight and the Android version of Evernote ROCKS!

  8. I love being able to store notes offline but I'm having a slight problem with how it is currently implemented in Android. When in a poor signal area or an area with poor data coverage (I won't mention any names, SPRINT!) it can take an inordinate amount of time to pull up a note that stored in an offline notebook; Even though the note is stored locally on the the phone.  Sometimes I can't retrieve it at all. This was even evident when the Evernote servers were offline for maintenance, resulting in the seemingly never ending spinning circle while trying to view a note.

    The only way I can get around it is too physically turn off my data, which is a pain, especially when your in a hurry. Once the data connection is turned off, any offline notes load with no issue.

    Does anyone else run into this issue?

  9. Love the new interface and shortcuts.  However, I'm unable to change note titles. I enter the edit mode and change the title but when it saves it always saves as the old title.  I've tried it with autotitle boxed and unboxed but it didn't make a difference.  These notes were created on the PC client.


    Update: It also doesn't change notebooks if I change that in edit mode either.  It seems to work fine if I select "move to notebook".

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  10. Opened EN on my Mac, read the email, and reset my password for my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. But now my notes from 2/28/13 are gone!!! I have never had this happen before and I have used EN for well over a year!! I think users DID lose data. I just want my notes back!!!

    I lost one note from my phone.  It hadn't synced to the server before the problem.  I signed out on my phone, after resetting my password via the web, which reloads the device from the server.  Could be a similar situation.

  11. Opened a ticket for the android sync issue. Not even a ticket# yet.

    I'm trying to imagine the shitstorm in my company if really 50% of the employees - 800 roughly - would have been using EN for Business as main knowledge repository as I suggested. I guess the CEO himself would have fired me.

    How many salted passwords were exposed? No way to only reset those and inform the others first? Are all passwords stored on that very same place?

    Highly unprofessional behaviour. I'm deeply disappointed.

    It's not going to Sync unless you reset your password via the web.  You then need to sign out then back in.

  12. Well, it is also my problem. I changed my password on the web and now it is impossible to syncronised my sony tablet and my samsung Galaxy III, and what is more, I cant find a way to change de password on my mobil devices.

    Any help, please


    I didn´t read well before. I solved my problem pushing on the notification area and putting the new password.

    Thanks a lor


    Just what I needed to know.  Than you.

    Press on your username and sign out and then back in.  You will have to use your new password.  My username is not my email address. It had defaulted to my email address.

  13. Beware - I had to resync all my off-line content on iPad and iPhone because of this. Support ticket #16051-248323.

    I didn't get an e-mail, but I did see a news article about Evernote having been hacked.  I changed my password on my web account via my laptop PC.  Now I am trying to figure out where/how to tell Evernote for Android to reset my password.  Any pointers on how do that, please?

    You need to log out and log back in. On any Android device all the notes have to be downloaded again.  So if you have all your notebooks stored on your device it can take quite some time to download them again.

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