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  1. I just submitted a support request for this too (Ticket 2408065):

    Every time I move a note to a shared notebook (which is every time I move a note), I now get a warning about "People this notebook is shared with ...".

    I can't see a way to switch off this warning, and it is rapidly becoming really really really annoying. Really. I understand the need to display it once, but please let me turn it off once I've acknowledged it.

    I have two notebooks ("inbox" and "personal"). Stuff comes into "inbox" and I tag it and then move it to "personal" which is shared with my wife. Having to acknowledge this message every single time I move a note is intensely annoying , especially when trying to file a hundred notes at the end of the month.

    Please give me an option to turn it off.

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  2. FWIW I'm seeing the same issue right now.  Just sent this as DM to @EvernoteHelps:

    On web, notes I created today via auto file import on Windows appear in "All Notes". Note properties show they are in the default notebook, but when I go to default notebook they are not there. Both old and new Web UI. Same behavior when using API (findNotesMetadata with default notebook as filter does not return notes). Known issue? (Damian - former Evernoter).

  3. I've just published an Amazon Echo skill which lets you create Evernote notes.

    To enable it, say "Alexa, enable the My Notebook skill".  You'll need to link to your Evernote account in the Alexa app (it just asks for permission to write notes).

    Then you can say "Alexa, tell My Notebook I've hidden the kids ipads under the sofa".

    It will respond with "I've added I've hidden the kids ipads under the sofa to Evernote",.

    Now you'll never have the embarrassing situation where you confiscate your kids' screens and then forget where you put them.  Or is that just me?

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  4. Hi,


    The Pebble Evernote app doesn't talk to the locally installed Evernote app on the phone - it talks directly to the Evernote servers, which is why it doesn't know about the offline notes in the Evernote app on the phone.


    I believe that shortcut notes are cached, but not other notes.


    Damian (Evernote Wearables developer)


    [Technical explanation: The Evernote Pebble app uses Javascript on the phone, which can't talk to the local apps.  The advantage of using Javascript is that the app works on both Android and iOS, is not dependent on the version of Evernote installed locally, and even works without Evernote installed on the phone.  The disadvantage is that it can't take advantage of the locally installed Evernote's capabilities].

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  5. Damian,


    I have noticed that the recent notes on my gear are only synced from notes that I create on my gear. If I create them on my desktop they do not populate on the watch, even though they are now recent notes on my phone. I have to go in and edit the note in some way on my phone for it to show up on the gear.


    Are their any plans to remedy this?


    Ideally, I would like to send notes to my evernote from anywhere and have them show as recent on the watch...


    I also wish it would display more than 5 notes...


    finally, a shortcut widget to recent notes would be awesome...


    Thank you in advance,




    Hi Troy,


    The gear should show the recent notes as listed if you use the Evernote widget on your phone, and tell it to display recent notes ... basically the notes you looked at recently on your phone.  Could you try using the Evernote widget to display recent notes, and let me know if you are seeing something different?




  6. What it the criteria for "Recent Notes" on the Galaxy Gear Watch applicaiton? I have four notes, but only the one from last night appears? How long do notes remain "recent"?


    It starts from the same list that the standard Android Evernote client displays if you configure the widget to display recent notes.


    It skips notes that are big (larger than 4K) or notes that have associated images/attachments.


    Let me know if this isn't the behavior you are seeing.



  7. I have a Galaxy Gear and a Note 3. I use Evernote on those devices and with OSX Mavericks. Everything was working well, but now, possibly due to the latest Gear update, I can't see any recent notes or checklists on the Gear using Evernote, which is a key feature for me.. yes I have restarted both devices and yes I have re-installed. Even if I create a note on the Gear, it will sync to the Note 3 and Desktop, but doesn't show up on the Gear? Any thoughts on this Damian?


    Thanks in Advance,




    Hi Dustin,


    For checkboxes we only show notes with unchecked checkboxes in them ... it's unlikely, but is it possible that your notes have no unchecked checkboxes?


    For recent notes, we only list recent small text-only notes ... do perhaps create and view a small text-only note?  If you have the Evernote Android Widget installed you can make it list recent notes, which is the same list we draw from to display in the Gear.  Can you verify that it display the note list correctly?



  8. Have been using Evernote on Galaxy Gear (nice app), but recently ran into the following error on the Galaxy Gear when I start the app ""You are note logged to Evernote on you phone."


    By way of background, it worked fine when I first installed Evernote on an S3 with 4.3 and on the Galaxy Gear watch. Today I moved to an S4 with 4.3 and reinstalled Evernote on the device and watch. Evernote is logged in on the S4 and I can sync to validate the connection, but I continue to receive the error on the watch.

    Hi Tony,


    Could you first try restarting the watch (press the button on the side until you are prompted to restart) and your phone?


    If that doesn't work could you try reinstalling Evernote for the Gear using the Gear Manager app?


    There are not many levers to pull here, since there is no real configuration for the gear app, it should work in tandem with Evernote on your phone.




  9. Hi there,

    The current Windows Phone 8 Evernote client is the same as the Windows Phone 7 client, and Windows Phone 7 had no support for allowing apps to send/save data to other apps, other than from photos in the photo hub. So I'm afraid you are right, there is no way to save data from another app to the Evernote Windows Phone client.

    The Evernote Windows Phone client does of course let you save to Evernote ... right now your best bet is copy-paste to a new note in the Evernote Windows Phone client.


  10. I just downloaded v. 5.0 (I never owned a previous version). I am still deciding if I want to really rely on Evernote to store all of my information.

    I understand how to make a stack, but I need to create stacks within stacks. Am I correct that this cannot be done? If so, it is a deal-breaker. Imagine your computer operating system not allowing you to nest folders more than one level?

    I use hierarchical tags to achieve this. I only have 3-4 notebooks, but I have many many levels of tags.

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