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  1. Hi folks, We take great pains to ensure backwards compatibility on any API that we publicly document on dev.evernote.com. We have never publicly documented or promoted the Window's client's COM interface as a third party integration point specifically because we never intended to keep that interface stable over time. The COM interface was created for the internal use of the Windows client. We have been very clear about this with any developer who asked us about it. We're happy to allow developers to use the COM interface, but they do so at their own risk. We do apologize for the difficulty with BitQwik. We're happy to work with the developer to try to resolve his issues, but we need to ask for your patience and understanding as we do so. The upcoming v5 version of Evernote for Windows is a major update, and the Windows development team has their hands full getting the product solidified and shipped. Thanks, Seth
  2. I do not recall ever receiving any type of notice from Evernote as to "how the partner application will access your account", nor how "you can turn off access whenever you want". How to you transmit this critical information to us? How do we "turn off access whenever you want"? Is there some place in my Evernote Account settings that shows the access that has been granted to all Evernote Trunk Partners? There are two ways that you can authorize a partner application to access your Evernote account. The first, used mostly by web applications, is OAuth, a standard web authorization mechanism. When a partner application requests access to your Evernote account via OAuth, you'll be presented with a screen like the following: You can see a list of partner applications that you have granted access to via OAuth by visiting https://www.evernote...Settings.action and click on the Applications tab, which will show you a screen that allows you to revoke access to any of these apps. If you haven't authorized any applications, the Applications tab won't appear. The second way that you can authorize a partner application to access your Evernote account is by providing it with your Evernote username and password. This type of authorization is typically used by mobile and desktop applications. When you provide your Evernote username and password to a third party application, you're trusting it with complete access to your Evernote account. You can cut off access from all partner applications by changing your Evernote password at https://www.evernote...ettings.action. We're working on a mechanism that will show you all of the applications that have accessed your account, regardless of the authentication mechanism that they used.
  3. Visioneer just launched an updated version of their OneTouch scanning software that allows you to scan directly to Evernote. http://connect.visioneer.com
  4. Thanks again for your feedback, everybody. The size of the audio files is something that we're actively working on with Livescribe.
  5. Thanks for the detailed followup. We're really excited about this integration, and one of the best parts is that this is just step 1...there are a ton of great things that we can add on now that we have the base built. I reproduced this and will check with the Livescribe team. That's correct, we haven't integrated Livescribe's synchronized playback. Livescribe Desktop for Windows automatically remembers your Evernote credentials and uses them the next time you want to upload pages or sessions to Evernote. Livescribe Desktop for Mac gives you the option of storing the credentials in your keychain or entering them every time. We chose to save pages as images rather than PDF because Evernote's handwriting recognition is far better at recognizing handwritten text in images. We hope to give you the option of image or PDF in future versions. When you're in Livescribe Desktop for Windows viewing a page that has multiple audio sessions and you choose to share with Evernote, you'll see a dialog that lets you choose whether you want to upload both the pages and audio, just pages, or just audio. If you choose to upload both, you can specify which pages and which audio sessions are uploaded. When you click "Share" to upload, each page and audio session becomes a separate note, so if you chose to upload one page with 5 audio sessions, you'll get 6 new notes in Evernote. I can't reproduce this one, we'll look into it.
  6. An updated version of EverPaint that resolves this issue is now available in the App Store.
  7. Nimbulist is listed in the Trunk, you can find it at http://www.evernote.com/about/trunk/items/nimbulist.
  8. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've identified the problem and will alert the authors of EverPaint.
  9. We recently had a partner launch an iPhone application that does just this. You can read more at http://scanbizcards.wordpress.com/2010/ ... -update-2/.
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