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  1. Hi, I am interested in getting a tablet, mostly for the purpose of carrying my notes with me. I have evernote premium so I will be able to have offline notes. I am a student and I have all my notes for school on Evernote. My question is how well does the app for evernote work on the Motorola Xoom (or other Android tablets)? I have an Android phone; is the same interface on the tablet as is on the phone, or do they make use of the extra screen real estate? Also, a very important question is how well does it handle pdfs? Viewing a pdf on my android phone is a real PITA, especially through evernote because it has to open a separate app. The pdf takes a long time to load (relatively speaking, considering the technological age we're in) and in general is a bad experience. I have a lot of notes that are in pdf form so this is important to me. One final question... I know this is an Android forum, but while I'm asking about tablets, what about the ipad? How's evernote on that? Thanks for your help in advance.
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