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  1. Thanks gbarry, However we are not on a group account. Each device is separate. So I am wondering 1. what causes this evernote issue to occur given that none of the users actually use evernote? and 2. how do we resolve / work around it? (as currently the error message pops up each time the device starts.) Regards, Colin
  2. We have a number of users on Dell Streak Android, which obviously comes with Evernote installed by default. They have all recently received the error: "Evernote has detected that your sdcard has changed. What do you want to do? - Continue to reconfigure your existing account on the current sdcard. - Sign out to configure a new account on the current sdcard. - Exit Evernote and wait to get the old sdcard back in." So, my questions are: 1. What is causing this message to appear, as none of them use evernote. 2. How do they stop the message appearing? 3. How do they uninstall Evernote? (They have tried, but the uninstall button is greyed out!)
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