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  1. I think it would be interesting to be able to use the versatility of Evernote to store structured data, in the form of a simple database. In ordrer to explain the idea, let me give an example. I want to keep track of the wine bottles I have. I create, in a specific notebook for example, a "database" to keep track of the wine bottles, in the format of a template. I will have several "fields", such as: Name of the producer, type of wine (white, or red), when I purchased it, how many bottles I have, the year I should wait before drinking the wine, the year after which I shouldn't wait to drink the wine, comments... With this data, it would be interesting to have "request notes" that could display the result of a small computation (made on the fly), such as: A quick summary of how many bottles of wich kind I have For each year, what are the names of bottles I could drink Once again: this is just an example, but the uses of a personal, simple database can be multiple. Keeping track of spending, handling a collection (comic books, wine, or other), keeping track of money owed, etc...
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