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  1. To a certain extent I agree with you. However, when a reasonable number of customers are asking for some specific functionality, which seems to represent a broader audience, then not listening to it it feels to me as ignoring your client. Of course we do not know their priorities and what they are dealing with, but silence is in my experience never the right answer. If they are reading the forums, which I would hope they do, I would like to read soothing that lets me know they heard and gives me some sort of clarity ion this is or is not a priority. That way I can make informed choices as a customer. Stay and wait or leave...
  2. Thanks for the response. I don't have the problem of loosing content when I copy and paste. I do however have lots of problems with loosing format or not pasting anything at all when copying and pasting into and out of Evernote. This is specially true with bullets, where the indentation and font get lost in the process.
  3. Is there any update on this regard? Both using Sierra and High Sierra, the copy and paste is so erratic that I have started to use other note taking apps. It takes a long time to reformat in and out of Evernote, specially when bullets are involved. Any suggestion would be appreciate it. I like the app and have my notes since 2013 there. Would hate to move away from it.
  4. I would have to pretty much agree with this. Part of the beauty of this software was the highly effective process to capture data. It no longer is and it's becoming tedious. At least it would be good to have the option of a clip to mac instead of web only approach. Thanks.
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