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  1. Thanks for that tip. I didn't realise you could you toggle the option to view inline on individual PDFs. This has provided me with a workaround. Evernote was freezing when PDFs of about 30MB or bigger were coming up in my search results.
  2. Ditto here also. I have the same problem when using Evernote on Mac. When I do a search that returns large size PDFs in the results, if one has the focus in Evernote, if will freeze for almost a minute. Most of the time I just end up terminating Evernote and reopening it again. It's quite fustrating.
  3. That's a +1 from me too. What would be great is a feature like EN's competitor, Microsoft OneNote with the "Send to OneNote" virtual printer OneNote installs on you Windows PC.
  4. I have Acrobat 8 Standard which came which came as part of the scanner software. I can see this has the ability to OCR individual documents but not multiple documents at the same time. I've looked on the Adobe website for the features of Acrobat 10 Standard and Pro in regards to this but can't find the specifics. Does Acrobat 10 (Standard or Pro) have an option to specifiy something like a watch folder where newly scanned PDF get OCR'ed and moved to another folder?
  5. Thanks for you answer to those questions gazumped. Appriciated. In your experience how have you found the OCR results Evernote preforms compared to the OCR such as ones built into scanning software (I used ScanSnap which I beleive uses the ABBYY Finereader engine)?
  6. https://support.ever...?questionID=591 Can you please add the following information: 1. If a PDF that has already had OCR performed on it is uploaded to EN, does it still get OCR'ed by EN, or does EN just used the embedded text put there by what ever application OCR'ed it? 2. When a PDF with no OCR is uploaded to Evernote, what is the process for the searchable information then becoming available in the desktop application. I.e. Does EN for Window/Mac need to sync again to retrieve this information? How long does it take? How do you know when a PDF you have in EN has been OCR'd? 3. Once a PDF has been OCR'd. If you then copy/export that PDF from EN, does that OCR information stay with the PDF file?
  7. I've done a bit of google searching on this but can't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a program that can watch a folder for PDFs, then perform OCR on the PDF when new PDF is put in the folder, and then move the newly OCR'd PDF to another folder? To me this seems to be the only solution to speed my workflow. I'm sure Fujitsu could make the ScanSnap software do this. But to add to my annoyances, this is another problem with Fujitsu. Although they make great scanners hardwarewise, their support and software is woeful. You are stuck with the same version of the SnanSnap Organiser and other bundled software for the life of the scanner and because the software that drives the scanner is proprietary there is no option to use other scanning software. I guess they do this to entice you to purchase a new scanner. This really erks me. I have a ScanSnap S510 which I've had for several year now. I see no need to replace it until it breaks. But the ScanSnap software that comes with is so dated and there has been only a handful (less than I can count on one hand) of software updates. All of which provided no extra functionality. And also, don't get me started on how hard it is to get the Windows 7 64bit drivers/software from Fujitsu....! I wish Fujitsu would open up the specs for the scanners so someone out there could write some decent software for it (I wonder if it would be possible to reverse engineer the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner drivers?).
  8. Something else I would also like to add is my annoyance at how EN and Fujitsu advertise how great their products work together. Personally I see a whole range of issues: 1. Using the ScanSnap manager you are able to scan documents straight into Evernote as PDF files. However when it comes to having OCR performed on the PDF prior to them entering EN the only way to do this is to select the option in the SnanSnap manager to perform OCR during scan. This then means you have to wait 30 seconds or so after you scan each document while OCR is performed by ScanSnap before you scan the next document. Completely unworkable. 2. You can deselect the option in ScanSnap organiser to have OCR performed during the scan and still scan straight to EN but then you have a PDF placed in Evernote with no OCR and you have to wait until EN's "best of breed" OCR gets around to processing your file. Also, once the OCR is performed by EN on the PDF you are all well and good to search for text context within the PDF in EN but once you remove the PDF from EN there is no embedded OCR data and you unable to select any text to copy and paste from the PDF etc! 3. The other option I thought of was to use a EN watch folder to watch a folder where my ScanSnap scans go into. However this is also not without problems. The way SnanScap works is that the document is scanned, a PDF created without OCR and place in a specified folder. Then shortly thereafter ScanSnap Organiser will run OCR on these PDFs. The PDFs remain the same location and with the same file name. So specifying this folder as a EN watch folder will again result in EN uploading the pre-OCR'ed version. The only way I can see these two products working together at the moment is by the following laborious process: 1. Scan documents into the ScanSnap Organiser 2. Wait for OCR to be performed 3. Then send the files into Evernote 4. Move/delete original files So who still thinks Fujitsu SnanSnap scanners and Evernote work great together?
  9. I'm glad I found this thread and found I'm not the only one with this dilemma. So is there a consensus which ORC is better- EN "best of breed" or ScanScap's ORC that is performed after scanning? I've got a couple more questions too on things I want clarify: 1. Is SnanSnap's OCR performed by the ABBYY Finereader engine? 2. If a PDF that has previously been OCR'ed and has the text information stored in it uploaded to EN (as a premium subscriber) will EN perform any more OCR with their "best of breed" OCR technologies or ignore it since the PDF already contains text information?
  10. Hi, One functionality I wish Evernote had would be the ability to add custom attributes to notes- such as: "transaction amount" = "$80.23" and be able to perform a search on these attributes This way (in this example) when checking my credit card transactions on my monthly statement and seeing a transaction to Randomly Named Company Ltd for $80.23 I could then perform a search in Evernote on these attributes and see if I scanned in an receipt for this amount. I can also think of a number of areas where the ability to specify attributes for individual notes would be beneficial. Is there any chance of this being implemented?
  11. Tags and titles are just that- they can't contain data. E.g. Imagine if you could specify a meta data attribute like transaction_amount with a value of x.xx for a receipt. Then when you get your credit card statement and see a transaction for $x.xx, you do a search in Evernote searching for meta data transaction_amount = x.xx and you find the receipt. That's what I'm talking about. I can't find a simple solution to do things like this in Windows without going to a full blown enterprise document management system. The closest thing I can find for managing this type of data is Windows Explorer with PDF-ShellTools (mentioned in my first post). Crazy I think.
  12. Hi all, I've had an Evernote premium account for quite a while now but have never really used it much. The main reason being is that Evernote doesn't have the ability to add searchable metadata to notes. I've got a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 which I use for scanning all my paperwork to PDF with OCR and it works a charm. I've had this scanner pre-Evernote and it is excellant. However, what I want to do is scan receipts and other financial documents to Evernote and then add metadata for items like "transaction date", "transaction amount", "payer/payee name" etc and then be able to search and sort on that data. This is one of the main reasons I went to Evernote but I realised soon after that it doesn't have this functionality hence the reason I barely use it. I currently use something called PDF-ShellTools http://www.rttsoftware.com/shelltools.html which has the ability to add data to PDFs (like I mentioned) and then view and sort this data in Windows explorer. I really wish there was a more elegant solution, like Evernote! The ability to add something like XMP Metadata to PDFs (which is an ISO standard) with Evernote would be brilliant. Are there any plans to implement something like this on the horizon? Regards
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