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  1. It has been weeks now and the problem is still there. Also, there is a few notebooks missing in the notebook picker. I have reset my browser.
  2. I am using the Safari bookmarklet. The Beta extension on this forum seem to have no such option.
  3. I'm trying to use evernote but the web clipper fails miserably when it comes to clipping pages that are a little more than just a simple article. For example this page: http://www.systembolaget.se/5042 Try to clip the part that the describes the wine and the result really looks nothing like what's on the page. Copy and paste into evernote is a little better but it messes up the typography which lead to some layout quirks.
  4. All buttons have strange labels like quickNoteAction_clipFullPage. I guess this is a localization issue since I use Swedish on my Lion installation.
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