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  1. I doubt it -- every Evernote update is, essentially, uninstall-old + install-new (which I've done several times in past few months).
  2. Sounds like you're not using the right password & so it's asking it when it's trying to auto sync. Then, since the password is not correct, sync failed. I suggest you go to the web client & do a "forgot password". I'm using the correct password — hitting 'sync' button several time after 'sync failed. access revoked' does synchronize. It's not that Evernote doesn't work at all, it just keeps asking password again, again and again. And it's only on windows, only on one laptop (other one, with win8, works just fine); both Android devices works fine too.
  3. Evernote (5.4.1, win7) keeps asking password, like every 10 minutes or so. And after I re-enter passwords, popup message says 'Synchronization failed. Access Revoked'. This madness is happening for several months, if I remember correctly. What's going on, exactly?
  4. After attaching a file to note, evernote always returns to start of note AND keyboard focus is lost — if you type something, text is not appearing anywhere. So after attaching a file you have to click on note and scroll back from the start to position where you've been before attaching. This is extremely annoying.
  5. Here is what I do: 1. create new note 2. click attachment, select some jpeg-image On the step2 image attachment just disappears (80% of the time), I have to repeat adding attachment two or three times. // Evernote, Windows7 x64
  6. It would be nice to have ability to mark a notebook (or particular note) as 'private'. 'Private' notes should not be displayed in preview/list (it'll be handy to have a button/checkbox like 'show private notes' on toolbar).
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