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  1. I have Evernote on a laptop, desktop, and Android phone. The desktop and Android are fine, but the laptop has started displaying a version of this symptom of blank notes, not blank on other devices or in preview. One of the suggestions I saw elsewhere on the forum was to do a sync, but if you see the images below, there is no sync button on the laptop. I have also noticed that the About, Check for Update, and Release Notes windows are also blank on the laptop. I think everything was normal Friday night, but then like this Saturday morning. The difference in screen layout is puzzling.
  2. The annoying part of this explanation, although I recognize that it is Android, not Evernote, is that the first number treated this way is the time, almost always at breakfast, when I am recording the observation, i.e., something like 810 ... and, of course, that can never be a legal IP address.
  3. I keep a diary of some health information which I input on my Android phone and then periodically copy out and paste to a spreadsheet in Windows. Normally, the last four data items on a line are the time, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate so a typical line might look like this: Tu 7 2 0 0 3 2d m 810 120 67 67 My issue is that on the phone the last four numbers are underlined, as if they represented an IP address or something, i.e., all lines in the note will look like: Tu 7 2 0 0 3 2d m 810 120 67 67 The underline and the numbers underlined are blue, making a rather distracting display. I don't see this or get this behavior in Windows. Any way to get this to stop.
  4. When I opened Evernote on my PC this morning, I got an icon and label in the taskbar, but the actual Evernote window does not open. There is a brief flash which is maybe 1-2" long and a 1/4" high, which I can barely see. The same thing happens if I right click the icon and do something like Find a Note. If I hover over the icon I get a grey rectangle with an X in the corner.
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