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  1. This was actually removed some time ago, Phil Liben the CEO contacted me on Twitter gave me his personal phone number and asked me to call him and so I did and he apologized and AGREED this was wrong and spam and would have it removed, shortly after it was gone! Phil realized I worked for a very large corporation and knew that our teams used his product and probably realized the less complaining the better.
  2. Can someone confirm if you can turn on "Two Factor Authentication" and actually have it work? I just tried enabling and had the system email me and I replied and then it asked for my mobile number which I gave and it then sent me a code and after that I was asked to scan the barcode with Google Authenticator. I have done with with *many* other sites and use the Google Authenticator App regularly with IOS but for whatever reason when I am trying to use the provided code it gives me when trying to activate "Two Step Authentication" I get an error that looks like this, I've tried 5 times now! I've obscured the code I put in the box of course but its the code the Google Authenticator App for IOS is providing me and those codes are being generated by the barcode you provide so Evernote Tech's I would confirm Two Factor Authentication is also working so people CAN actually enable if they want due to this security breach. Thanks
  3. I can confirm the new build is working for me once again. Metrodon, I realize the clipper is not part of the premium price I pay but when I started using Evernote the clipper worked flawless and THAT is what sold me on actually paying for a premium account because of the way I use it for work, had Evernote not had the clipper I likely would have lost interest quickly as a paid account on Dropbox can also give me huge storage on all devices and keep everything synced...I also have a paid account with them. My guess is alot of people perhaps don't use the clipper but I do and I rely on it to be working and it is the biggest reason why I became a premium member because everything worked smoothly and I knew I would need more space right away. Thanks for the fix Evernote!
  4. Hi, I've been having many problems with Evernote since upgrading to Lion and while it seemed thinks were fixed with a beta version of the clipper things are once again broken for me. I have tried every suggestion of installing and uninstalling and currently have Evernote 1.0.0 for Safari installed but when I go to clip a page now the small popup window is blank and it stays blank, I've followed suggestions someone else from Evernote made to just leave it sit and have done that more than once for over 10 minutes and this does not fix the problem. I paid for Premium Evernote to use it and without the web clipper like it used to work it is broken for me, I have tried the other bookmarklet method also and let be serious that is NOT a acceptable solution to the problem at hand and as I recall the pages saved the links did not even work? I've also noticed recently pages that I have saved do not save like they used to and instead they area big glob of text and not even formatted right? I am currently paying for a premium account however the product does not at all perform how it did when I signed up, I'm sure I am not the only one that feels they are not actually getting a premium service if one of the most important things I use is broken and it REALLY bothers me when I see new features are being added yet old stuff is still not fixed....like the web clipper for Safari. I am running current versions of Safari,OSX and of course the extension just in case anybody needs to know. At this point I am considering asking for a refund as the product seems broken and I do not get the feeling that much effort is being made to repair it. I typically use Evernote on at least 50-100+ pages per day and have grown to rely on it and perhaps I shouldn't have, being broken it totally interrupts work flow and I am considering just going back to the old system I used which takes longer but at least it is 100% reliable and I don't have to waste alot of time hoping it might work for another few days.
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