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  1. While it didn't get any love in change list, THANK YOU for allowing Spotlight search to pop up only the requested document, and not the main window. I live and die by Spotlight and I can't tell you how much grief that was causing me. Very happy!


    Unlike others, I am on latest 10.8 and I do get the new quick note feature. A new issue though: if you choose NOT to display the Elephant in the menu bar (one of the preferences), then the keyboard shortcut does nothing. It would be nice if it would fall back to the old behavior and pop up the full note window, but at the least it should disable the keyboard shortcut if the icon isn't shown, very confusing otherwise. Or don't allow people to turn off the menu item at all.


    Thanks again!


    I'm not entirely sure what I did, but I fooled around with the preferences & the elephant icon as starkos was writing, and I got screen capture ("Clip Rectangle or Window" in Keyboard Shortcuts) to work again.  The pasting issue outside Evernote, which I mentioned above, still persists however.


    And BTW, after doing this Quick Note functionality is working.  I'm running 10.7.5.

  2. I'm finding that screen capture is broken.  I use the "Clip Rectangle or Window" feature (Keyboard Shortcuts) system-wide all the time, but it's no longer working in the latest update this weekend.


    Also, pasting images outside EN remains broken.  I used to paste images captured using EN into Mail messages & elsewhere.  This has been broken for several updates and remains broken now.  I can paste OK within EN, but outside EN only the top portion of an image will paste.  The bottom half (or more) isn't there.


    Fingers are crossed for fixes to both issues as I need these features.

  3. I can't paste images outside Evernote in v5 (Mac Desktop). Pasting an image from one note to another works fine. But I very often take an image I've captured in Evernote and paste it to an Apple Mail message, Word document or something else. Since v5 this is no longer possible. Just the top portion of the image appears when I paste. As of v5.0.4 this bug is still not fixed.

  4. Overall I think Evernote 5 for Mac will be OK. I'm still adjusting. I'd like to see the Back Button restored, an ability to clear the Recent Notes list, and an ability to customize the tool bar to add back buttons for New Note, Print and Delete.

    I've encountered one very big problem, but only on one note that I've noticed so far. I don't know if it's a fluke & if I'll encounter it again elsewhere. On one note, all my attachments were null files with 0 bytes. Yikes!! Luckily my other computer had the same note with all the attachments. I copied everything into a new note with a new name and synced. I've got the full content again on both computers, but this was alarming. Anyone else have this happen?

  5. I have a request regarding checkboxes: It used to be that checkboxes printed on paper almost exactly as they appear on-screen. When checked, they printed with the blue tint, etc. That changed some time ago. Now checkboxes print as a small plain box. When checked, the tiny checkmark inside the box is very easy to overlook and miss.

    Please restore the old style where WYSIWYG applies very literally to the checkboxes.

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