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  1. I ran into this issue twice today. On one site, absolutely nothing happened when I clicked the Evernote web clipper button. hitting Ctrl/Right-click and selecting "Save full page to Evernote" did not work there either. On another site, the 'error' window appeared when I clicked on the Evernote web clipper button (which sent me to this discussion thread, thankfully), and there, the "save full page to Evernote" trick did work.
  2. DAW

    mac (Archived) Tag Notes for Mac version

    I am interested in this subject as well. I did a search on the forum and it seems that there is a keyboard shortcut to create a tag (^ [apple command] t ), but I cannot figure out how to make it work. Maybe the keyboard shortcut is only for the beta. What I would like to see is a way to highlight a word, and then quickly make a tag. For instance, highlight the word "elephant" in the body of the note, and click a keyboard shortcut, automatically creating a tag named "elephant", without having to click on the tag prompt on the top of the note. Another suggestion is to allow one to create a tag from a highlighted word via right clicking and using the contextual menu to create a new tag. What I am trying to get at is, id like a way to go thru a note and quickly make a series of tags for that note as I scroll through the text.