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  1. I'm also looking for this capability. Here's a common scenario: I'm in an all-day workshop, I'm taking notes. In OneNote I could flag individual lines of text within a page. Flags represented things like "Ideas", "Action Items", "Decisions", "Informational", etc. In Evernote I am not able to do that, i.e., I have to instead preface my actual note with some sort of text. And pray I don't mistype that or use it inappropriately. In OneNote I can also show that flag as an icon like a "green square" or "light bulb" icon and associate it with a hotkey to make the icon show up easily. The To-Do check box in EverNote is a subset of what I'm looking for - would it not be simple to have other symbols available? Sadly, this is the ONE feature that has me still using OneNote for meeting notes!
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