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  1. Awesome blog post, thanks for sharing! Your technique for using evernote to plan your hikes is very similar to mine. I usually don't carry my iphone with me but I might start, especially to have things like wildflower identification and mountain beta along.
  2. I blog about all of my trips. The blog gives me a central place to include my photos, notes, maps, and the kind of filtering I want to find trips later on (calendar/tags/categories, etc). The blog is kind of my central gathering place for information that I collect in different places. All my notes, planning, blog drafts, etc are in Evernote. My pictures are in Smugmug. And my gps tracks/maps are in a tool called Everytrail. The nice thing is that you can embed those maps elsewhere (maybe even clip to evernote - I haven't tried!). You can upload photos and have them placed on a map based on their time stamp (or just where you manually put them). Here is an example of one trip I did about a year ago. And here is how it all comes together in a blog post. Hope this helps!
  3. I started deep diving into Zendone this week and after a bit of stumbling around I've decided it really is the missing piece of my 'GTD' puzzle. I always have felt like I have two Inboxes - Evernote and whatever GTD app I'm using at the time. I often have to go back and forth/synchronize/decide between the two. I love that it is all the same place now. I also live in GCal (everything is synchronized and shared there - personal calendar, work calendar, family shared calendars, etc) so this helps me manage my time much better as I can just drag around and slot tasks between meetings throughout my day and it's all pushed back into Zendone. Evernote <-> Zendone <-> GCal. Love it.
  4. I am mostly inspired by reading the blogs of people who enjoy the same kind of travel that I do. When a trip report pops up and I think it's a place I'd like to visit I clip it to Evernote in a "Future Trips" notebook. I page through that notebook frequently and eventually (hopefully!) I'll eventually drag it into a "Trip Planning" notebook where I keep the information that I am actively collecting for a trip that's in the calendar.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Rebecca, software designer by day and outdoor travel nerd by night (and weekend, I guess). In 2003 I founded Calipidder.com, a site that offers trip reports, photographs, and gear advice for exploring California’s parks and remote backcountry on foot. As a resident of Silicon Valley, I make the best of my location by being equally technology nerd and mountain sports junkie. Evernote is the perfect tool to combine my two loves by allowing me to plan my adventures anywhere, anytime, on any of my multitude of devices. I look forward to sharing tips and tricks as well as learning from the rest of the Evernote community.
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