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  1. Hi, I'm using Evernote to apply some of the GTD techniques. It works really well for me. I also try to keep my email inbox empty. Everyday I go through the emails and forward them to my Evernote email, so that I can make the priorities in Evernote. That's all cool. When I review the notes in Evernote and I want to act on one of them which happens to be a response to an email - I would like to quickly jump to this email conversation and be in "reply" mode. It may be opening a gmail website or Mail.app, whatever. It may be even emailing from Evernote, but that's not possible now. At the moment I just switch to my email client and search this email, which is fine but requires lots of clicks. Is there any way of simplifying this flow? Any hints? Regards, Andrzej
  2. Right, it makes sense to use search instead... I will think about it. I got used to tags for project names so that I can quickly filter notes based on that. Just 2 clicks and I can see what I need. What surprises me most is that in all the other places Evernote just gives me a very flexible tool and I can tweak the way I use it. That's how I apply GTD with Evernote. Here, this limitation doesn't make sense - just let me decide what I want, as always. BTW, Evernote is awesome Regards, Andrzej
  3. Hi, I use Evernote for almost 2 years now and I'm loving it! Today I tried to use the shared notebook concept in order to use Evernote in our team. The idea is that any of our team members can create new projects (we use tags as project names). This seems to be a serious limitation for us. Is there any other way we can share the same workflow without anyone depending on the notebook owner to create a new tag? Regards, Andrzej
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