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  1. For the last two years I've looked into many different eLearning applications and the more I look the more frustrated I became. Either they were very difficult (impossible) for me to learn or my students just could not get the hang of it and didn't want to use it. I knew there must be a solution so I kept looking. Luckily I found Evernote and it is exactly what I wanted. All I really want to do was to take course material that I have already written or plan to write in the future and put it into a format that was available to them online as well as offline and make it easy to use and even more importantly easy to edit and update without have to have a degree in computer science or having to rent a ten year old every time I want to do something. Then, along came Evernote. Within a few days I had several courses broken down and put into notebooks along with commodities charts, videos on each note, PDF files if needed. Heck everything in one notebook! Now some of the note books have about 50 note pages while others have almost 200 and some of the notebooks have about 40 videos attached so they can get quite large. My students are as excited about this as I am. I have sample courses that I can now share with the world while my paying students get shared notebooks. Simple solution. I did a little video about this and even did it in Evernote! If anyone is interested in seeing how I'm using Evernote to teach people how to trade commodities and options you are welcome to take a look as I have shared this notebook with the world. Shared notebook: Introduction to Common Sense Commodities eLearning https://www.evernote.com/pub/davidduty/cscelearningcenterwebinar Happy camper, David Duty CTA
  2. Are there any third party developers listening???????????????????????? You could develop a product that people WILL BUY right now. Create a product that allows sharing of stacks and notification of changes to a stack or notification of a new note within a stack. Also please develop an app that will allow me to paste a list of emails from a CSV file into the invite "box" to share a lesson and hopefully in the future to share a stack!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE to this post. I Found out that I can in fact cut and paste a list of email addresses into the invite "box". You have to do it in the web version and not in the EN version on your computer. One problem solved anyway.
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