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  1. I have shared a notebook with someone. When they open EN, they see my notebook but the notes have red circles with an exclamation point in them. He said he has synced many times and this won't go away and he can't open my notes or notebook that I shared with him. I'm not sharing this with the world, just a small group of students at this time. Anyone know what he can do or I can do to fix this issue. Graphic he sent me is attached.
  2. For the last two years I've looked into many different eLearning applications and the more I look the more frustrated I became. Either they were very difficult (impossible) for me to learn or my students just could not get the hang of it and didn't want to use it. I knew there must be a solution so I kept looking. Luckily I found Evernote and it is exactly what I wanted. All I really want to do was to take course material that I have already written or plan to write in the future and put it into a format that was available to them online as well as offline and make it easy to use and even more importantly easy to edit and update without have to have a degree in computer science or having to rent a ten year old every time I want to do something. Then, along came Evernote. Within a few days I had several courses broken down and put into notebooks along with commodities charts, videos on each note, PDF files if needed. Heck everything in one notebook! Now some of the note books have about 50 note pages while others have almost 200 and some of the notebooks have about 40 videos attached so they can get quite large. My students are as excited about this as I am. I have sample courses that I can now share with the world while my paying students get shared notebooks. Simple solution. I did a little video about this and even did it in Evernote! If anyone is interested in seeing how I'm using Evernote to teach people how to trade commodities and options you are welcome to take a look as I have shared this notebook with the world. Shared notebook: Introduction to Common Sense Commodities eLearning https://www.evernote.com/pub/davidduty/cscelearningcenterwebinar Happy camper, David Duty CTA
  3. Thanks guys. I was missing the Any: in front of the Tag. This worked. David
  4. I would like to be able to set up a saved search using multiple Tags. If I have a Tag called Denver and a Tag called Houston, how could I create a saved search that would pull up all notes that are tagged either Houston or Denver?
  5. I've implemented tags like they use in The Secret Weapon" videos which i think are great training tools. I'd like to create a saved search to find ALL my action items. This way I could click the saved search and have all of the show up in one list. I could then sort by tag and group them all together. I can't seem to figure out how to create one saved search that would find ALL the following tags. ! Urgent 1-Now 2-Next 3-Soon 4-Later 5-Someday 6-Waiting Could some please tell me how I can do this. Thanks,
  6. How about using a Tag named "Audio File Attached". Or put a specific search string in the note itself as one work like Audio_File_Attached which makes the search easier and finds just this string and not Audio or File or the word Attached in every other note. Then you could also save a search and it would find them all with just one click no matter where they are. Not sure if that is what you are looking to do or not. Just my thoughts.
  7. You might try publishing your courses as e-books on the ibookstore (although that severely limits the audience) or some other method, perhaps locking down the information to a website that requires authentication and the documentation can only be printed, not downloaded. I understand your concern, but since it's such a limited use case it may not be a pressing feature to add. Locking down the data to the degree you wish will result in more inconvenience to your students so you may want to weigh that against security also. I don't intend that to be a value statement, but merely something to consider in your approach. Good luck! Thanks. The reason I like EN so much is the ability to add lessons, make changes, etc. and also allow the students to add their own "study material" directly into my course/notebooks. Sure would beat blogs, PDF files, etc. This way the students would have "one place" for everything relating to my course material. I just wish that the notebooks could be more secure, that's all. Will probably go with the EN version anyway. It's just too good to pass up.
  8. To have shared notebooks that are secure against being copied, exported, saved etc. I have courses that I sell in printed format that are rather large, 450 pages, printed in color so they are not cheap to produce and mail, about $100 each. I have broken these courses down into lessons in a notebook that I want to share with my students who could install Evernote rather than having to print and mail them. I'm reluctant to do this because even with a shared notebook someone can simply export the entire notebook into HTML or other formats and send it to anyone they want to. It would be really nice if EN would let us secure the notebook from cut and paste and from exporting (both could be optional). It would really open up EN to a wide group of people who could distribute printed copyrighted products quickly, easily and affordable without cutting down trees to do so. Look at what Kindle has done as an example. And it would be easy to update, change and add to the material also. This happened to me once before where I worked for two years day and night writing a course that I sent to people in and unprotected PDF file. Less than 6 months later the entire course was all over the Internet for free and two years of work with it. I know there is a lot of people who think that everything on the Internet should be free. But did you ever think that if someone could just right click and "save" YOUR JOB then your goods and services would be free also. Does anyone really expect everyone to work for free? I thought not; your kids probably like to eat too.
  9. https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/535/Using-Evernote-s-advanced-search-operators Thanks. Now I know how to do that and I bet EN even let's me save the searches. Great program! David Boquete, Panama
  10. I wasn't trying to make money with a public notebook. It would just be nice if people could find notebooks of others that would be of interest in their line of work or hobbies, etc. Yea, I got lucky on the catch that you can enter a list of emails into the web version of EN. It would be nice if they would fix it so you can do that from the computer version also. I'm still trying to find out how to search my darn notes by tags that I created. Can't seem to figure that one out.
  11. Thanks. But I did find a way to do it. You can cut and paste into the invite field if you do it on your Web version of EN. You just can't do it from your desktop version of EN. Very strange indeed. Still not sure about sharing with the world yet and how you would let people know where to find your notebook. Also there are notebooks that show up at the EN Shared Notebooks link. https://www.evernote.com/pub/closetgeek ... e1b5ba8a80 So if I had a particular notebook that I want to share with anyone in the world and don't really care who "subscribes" to it, how do I get that notebook to show up at the above link or how does the "world" find it?
  12. Are there any third party developers listening???????????????????????? You could develop a product that people WILL BUY right now. Create a product that allows sharing of stacks and notification of changes to a stack or notification of a new note within a stack. Also please develop an app that will allow me to paste a list of emails from a CSV file into the invite "box" to share a lesson and hopefully in the future to share a stack!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE to this post. I Found out that I can in fact cut and paste a list of email addresses into the invite "box". You have to do it in the web version and not in the EN version on your computer. One problem solved anyway.
  13. Thanks. I subscribed to "Ron's Evernote notebook. I got all his "notes" in his notebook. This is what I want to do also. How do I get my notebooks available so that someone can "download" my notebooks into their own EN desktop software? Sorry for such stupid questions but I've been looking for the past 6 or 8 hours on how to do this and can't find the answer anywhere. maybe it's time for a break and a glass of whine.
  14. Thanks. The problem I have is that when I got to "share a notebook" it will not let me paste into that field. I have to enter each email address separately. Of course I could do a CSV file of my students and paste it into the invite "box". It won't let me do what. No paste feature available. Can you do this in your EN on your computer?
  15. 1. Please do something so that an entire Stack can be shared with all notebooks in that stack. Right now I have a stack with 25 notebooks in it and some of the note books have 25 to 30 notes that may be a "page" or two long. So lots of info. 2. The ability to import a group of people's email address into the Invite Box. I have over 2,000 people that I want to share a notebook with (and like I said over 25 notebooks). So to have to type in each person's email address for each of the 25 notebooks is a deal killer. I'm sure that each of my 2,000 people who I share with would be happy to become a Premium Member if they had to. Example to share 25 notebooks with 2,000 people is 2,000 X 25 notebooks means typing in over 50,000 email addresses. Then If I add a notebook I have to retype in each of the 2,000 email addresses again. Is there someway that I could share notebooks with these 2,000 people without having to notify each one through the invite box in EN. Maybe send them to a link where they could just subscribe to a notebook. 3. The ability to notify people who subscribe to my notebooks of additions or changes to a notebook. 4. Free vino for all Premium members. :-)
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