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  1. I agree with you. I think I was looking for something more like Firefox's scrapbook for data collection and having the internet right there. I agree that Evernote should not be overloaded with superfluous features and I think i was looking for features which I could have had by downloading another program, not just using Evernote. Anyway, i will still keep using Evernote. What would be better would be a scrapbook-like sidetab which can be brought up from the Evernote web browser extension which displays notebooks and files and has a little box to drop content and write text. It would add a bit more functionality than just the web clipping feature. Good idea?
  2. Hi guys and Evernote Developers, I am a proud user of Evernote for its ease of use and its many practicalities. I have also tried many (and most) other outliner programs on mac, windows and web platforms to see how Evernote matches up and how it could be improved. While Evernote still comes out on top, I find it hard for it to compete with web programs in the area of data collection. I also find it lacking in some areas where it could be drawing new users. This is why I propose that Evernote take the transition into a program which lets users create and own their own personal internets. I say this as some programs like voodoo pad which I admire, let the user create their own personal wikis with automated creation of links as you type to pages with that name. I think this should be implemented into Evernote as a cool way to structure and organise your notes, but it could go further. Evernote could be the first outliner program to fully support the creation and modification of web pages internally. That is, full support of javascript, flash and all the other things that make the web work so that when an article is clipped from the internet, it works exactly the same in Evernote (some features to block the ads would be good though). I have heard users ask this before, so why not go all the way. Evernote should not only be able to run pages natively, but browse the web as well. This would be extremely useful for data collection if you could have the internet and the outliner in the same window! Also, to go with this would have to be a large search bar up the top (of course), bookmarks (of web pages and notes), a startup page (how about the new Evernote pin-up board acting also as a web quick start page) and the ability to assign a note or web page to be your startup page, viewing history and if possible extensions or the ability to use chrome extensions of something. Also, for the developers, some tools to modify the scripts on the page (including note xml) would be useful, like the tools bar and editor at the bottom of the chrome and safari web browsers. All these features can be implemented by using code from the open source Chromium browser. To appeal to the web developers, it would be great also if Evernote was a bit more like Coda - a great and very simple web coding program. Note XML and page HTML could be opened up in a page like this in a new tab if people choose, from a button in the developer tools at the bottom. Adding the variety of different languages which Coda supports could be left to 3rd party developers. I also love the buttons at the top to switch between modes. In Evernote it could be web page, source code, outliner, markup. About the last one - markup. This is something which I think Evernote lacks as a quick note tool. Some of the tools from Skitch should be implemented right into Evernote as well as more ability to manipulate images like resize them. Some simple mind mapping tools would also be very good. A feature which has been asked for by many users before is tabs. This would become a must in a web and wiki program. My suggestion is using Opera style tabs which enable the sorting of tabs into groups which stack on top of each other then expand sideways when clicked. This could be done automatically in groups accordion to the notebooks that notes are sorted in and the web pages just as normal tabs (people can sort these into groups themselves as they browse). This image also demonstrates Opera's quick look feature. I also like that feature in IE which lets you see a layout of all your open tabs in one window (but I won't open that can of worms) One final, final feature which I suggest would be useful (even though i'm sure there are countless others) is the ability to grab a tab or page and drag it to a section on the screen to divide the page into two like your can do on the desktop on a windows computer. This would just make comparing, referring to and collecting data from things a lot simpler even on windows than resizing the whole screen. I know the was a lot to take in, and I congratulate anyone who even read it all, but that is the way I think Evernote should progress in the future. You may have a conflicting vision or an idea to improve this one. If so, I would very much like to hear it.
  3. Yeah, thats the thing. Evernote is a brilliant tool for data collection and would be more so if we could just dock it next to our web browser to drag and edit content in. It could also be docked next to applications so that you can take notes as you work and have it open automatically every time that file opens.
  4. It personally doesn't bother me but I think that it would be a great opional feature, but not when clipping web pages into it. It should leave them as is as they have their own margin. I think a flexible margin like this would be good (see sceenshot) but without the header and footer. It is from the word processor Nisus Writer Pro
  5. Hi guys, Ok obviously Onenote is one of Evernotes major competitors on the Windows platform and I was crossing over to the darkside the other day to have a look at its features when I realised that you can have linked notes in Onenote. These are notes which are docked beside a page or program and are linked to it so pop up when it pops up, allowing you to take notes on it as you work without changing page. It looks like this (on the right): Onenote describes its functionality as; "Taking linked notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010 Beta makes it easy to do research on your computer by letting you take notes in a docked OneNote window on your desktop while you work side-by-side in other programs or in your Web browser. Notes taken in this mode are automatically linked by OneNote to whatever you’re looking at in Internet Explorer, in Word documents, in PowerPoint presentations, or on another OneNote page in any of your notebooks. During a Linked Notes session, OneNote stores with each paragraph of notes a link to documents or Web pages that you used, so that you can click that link and easily return to this content again later on. OneNote also stores a thumbnail image of the page and a text excerpt from any Word 2010 or PowerPoint 2010 files you looked at, so that you can easily locate and recognize the correct page or slide again." From - http://www.onenotehelp.com/2009/11/19/take-linked-notes-in-onenote-2010/ So yeah what im saying is that it would be great if this were implemented into Evernote. I this possible? desirable?
  6. Wow that sounds great, I can imagine their would be a large community of people wishing to create their own EN extensions
  7. Oh, so you mean that you can have two notes with the same name?
  8. Ok now i've tried voodoopad. Its a great product but even though it has all the features which I would like to see in EN I think i'll stick to EN. You cant beat free syncing to the cloud and access from multiple computers! Not to mention all the other cool features that they keep releasing
  9. I use a mac and a windows as far as I know you can only link to url's. Anyway, even if you can nobody would go through linking every word, automatic link creation is the way to go
  10. This would be really useful, im in support but its a lot like shared notebooks in a way however more people use it
  11. I was using Opera the other day when I accidentally moved one tab onto another creating a stack of tabs which could be expanded at my will by clicking on it. In my awe at realising this feature which had evaded me for so long I had the idea that this would be a good feature to implement into Evernote. When tabs are opened they could automatically arrange into tab groups according to which notebook they are in. This would prevent the clutter that happens when sorting through multiple unorganised tabs on the internet from happening on EN. Also, to allow for easy finding of your tabs, you should be able to colour code your notebooks and that colour to carry over to your tab stack. It is proven that the human mind responds and remembers colour very well
  12. I think voodoo pad and zulupad use this same method of link creation. voodoo pad is a great program which I think evernote could learn a few things from
  13. This is just a question but why doesn't Evernote support 3rd party extensions to its actual programs? Surely this would speed up development and allow users to configure it to their own specifications i.e only install the extensions that they need. This would make the program more streamlined and take some of the the pressure off the actual developers. Most other programs like this accept plugins from 3rd party developers, even MS Office, so why not Evernote?
  14. Hi, I am a new user of Evernote recently migrating from Notational Velocity. I love all the great features of EN and really appreciate them after using something so simple. However I still admire Notational Velocity's ease of use and lack of clutter. One of the things which achieves this is having a single bar for both searching and creating notes. Simply typing into the search bar displays the search results and hitting enter either opens an existing note if its name matches the input or creates a note with that name. If this were implemented on EN it would remove the need for two bars (one up the top and one above the note). As for renaming notes, the title of the note could be displayed in the actual note itself either seperated from the content by a line or in a Onenote-style header box: This is just an idea and I know how hard it is for the EN developers to keep up with all our requests but I believe it will make this program quicker to use and simpler
  15. While scanning the forum it seems a lot of people want note to note linking to turn their Evernote notebooks into their own wiki's. Even though I have only been using this program for about a month I can see that it would make using it easier and more fun. My proposal is for evernote to support automatic linking of notes like in the app Tomboy. That is when a notes name is mentioned in another note a link is created. Links should also be able to make links in the way [[note|name of linked note]] like wikipedia or even linking multiple notes (or urls) in the way [[note|link,link,link,url]]. Its just an idea but I think many users like myself would enjoy seeing their networks of links grow and it would provide easy access between related notes. Linking in EN would also work well with tabs as you could control click!
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