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  1. Yeah, thats the thing. Evernote is a brilliant tool for data collection and would be more so if we could just dock it next to our web browser to drag and edit content in. It could also be docked next to applications so that you can take notes as you work and have it open automatically every time that file opens.
  2. Hi guys, Ok obviously Onenote is one of Evernotes major competitors on the Windows platform and I was crossing over to the darkside the other day to have a look at its features when I realised that you can have linked notes in Onenote. These are notes which are docked beside a page or program and are linked to it so pop up when it pops up, allowing you to take notes on it as you work without changing page. It looks like this (on the right): Onenote describes its functionality as; "Taking linked notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010 Beta makes it easy to do research on your computer by letting
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