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  1. You have to go into your preferences in your Evernote application on your computer and go to the section that says Clipping. There will be a box there that says, Use the Safari clipper plugin. Check that, restart Safari and then you should have a little elephant in the top of your Safara browser. You just highlight whatever you want to send to Evernote and either click on the little elephant or right click and select, Send to Evernote. It should send it into your computer Evernote. Then hit sync in Evernote and you should be able to edit the clipping. Then hit sync again and it should appear in all of your Evernotes. Hope that was a little more clear than mud. LOL I am loving Evenote and my ipad. Have spent the last few day searching for and loading recipes. ETA: Not sure if there is a web clipper for the ipad. Maybe the Safari one works there too.
  2. I have recently bought a new Apple iPad and I want to install one application on this iPad for editing the documents but the condition is that it should be having a Handwriting Recognition feature in it. Suppose I want to make an inspection sheet with questions and then save it to iTunes on my laptop. After moving this application to my iPad, I should be able to answer those questionnaire by writing with stylus. Does anybody know any such application?
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