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  1. I'm with you. We'll hold off popping the cork on the champagne bottle until we actually have the release in hand. --------------------- I'm late to this party, but due date would certainly help in the 'turn into an Evernote power user' category. While a due date per note would be a great start.. Don't stop there, think about an option at the per checkbox level. Here is the use case - I have a lot of folders for planning, say Family, Self, Career, Finance, etc. Under each folder I have given notes for projects/ideas. Within each note I may have 15 to-do's... Would it work with one due date per note, I guess - I could use the closest upcoming date to plug in and note the due date targets in text by the other to-do boxes and replace it when I complete each task at the note level. However, if you provide the capability to plug in a due date per to-do check box...One could create a true task list and drive it completely from Evernote (I so want to ditch Outlook with the exception of Email...). Thanks for listening.
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