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  1. The lack of this feature is the one-and-only reason I switched away from Evernote (and stopped recommending it) over 5 years ago. Every year or so, I check back to see if it has been added. And somehow, every time I'm still pretty shocked that it hasn't. I can't believe it's still missing. This is like the first feature that EVERY other note taking program implements (I've used at least 20+ of them over the years). And it's basically the one-and-only feature most people want in a note taking program: structure. The fact that it supports randomly setting fonts manually makes it even stranger. Who actually wants that kind of inconsistent manually managed mess in a note taking program? Not saying that should be removed... but considering it already exists, seems like it would be trivial to add a hotkey or drop-down to quickly apply H1-H6 styles. It's bizarre that they even want people to vote on this, it's such a basic and fundamental feature. Has anyone at Evernote ever actually used ANY note taking program... for you know... managing structured notes? No disrespect to the team. This just stumps me considering all the other features that get added that aren't even note taking features.
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