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  1. Do you guys need me to do anything? Sorry about the hasty post. It was late and I had such a frustrating time finding any information that would help me solve my problem, so I decided to publish the post hoping it would help someone else. Let me know if you need me to edit anything. Thanks, Brian JMichael, we have this on tap to be updated in the KB, thanks for the push.
  2. My System Info: OS Mountain Lion 10.8.1 No Offline Files (All my files were synched in the cloud on Evernote's Servers) 1) Quit Evernote 2) Quit the Elephant Helper in the Menubar 3) Delete your App from the Applications Directory. 4) Delete these two directories com.evernote.* com.evernote.helper (I forget the names) that are located here ~/Library/Containers and delete Evernote Helper Download 3.3 from here → http://evernote.com/...ile=EvernoteMac Reinstall. To confirm you have the non-appstore version just check to see if you have an 'Software Update' icon in your preference top navigation. Done. Thank goodness. Welcome back 'Save PDF to Evernote' ***Edit/Update*** This post does not work in every situation, and did not take into account any offline files you might have stored in Evernote. Please read the moderators post below on what to be cautious about with the instructions above.
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