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  1. Just to clarify, this is what is happening: I registered an evernote account under a gmail address "registeredgmailaddress@gmail.com" I send an email using a different email address (anotheraddress@gmail.com) addressed to my evernote upload email (username.3232@m.evernote.com) as follows: From: anotheraddress@gmail.com To: username.3232@m.evernote.com Body: Note to self buy groceries today I then get an exact copy of the above email in my inbox for anotheraddress@gmail.com. I do NOT get a copy in my inbox for registeredgmailaddress@gmail.com.
  2. Is there a way to stop Evernote from sending me a copy of every email I send to my Evernote email address? I use the email upload feature extensively to send notes and PDF files to my Evernote account (from an address that is different than the one I registered with) but it's a cumbersome to have to go back to my inbox and delete the CC'd copies of every note I send to the EN email address. If one cannot disable this feature in Evernote, then I can see two alternatives: 1. Send the email from the email that I registered my Evernote account with. [i would prefer not to do this as this would be just as cumbersome]. 2. Create a filter using my email service to delete these emails.
  3. I have 4 apps that are able to open PDFs. For some reason Evernote does not appear as an option to "Open in.." when I have PDFs open in Safari. Right now I have to open the PDF in another program then email it Evernote which is cumbersome. Maybe I'm missing something? I'm using the iPad 2 with Safari.
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