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  1. In an ideal world there would be sliders for scaling display sizes of fonts in EVERY application as we know them from Adobe and Microsoft products (leaving font point sizes intact). Just as we had on the old Evernote app for Android as Joungsoung has pointed out. That would be even better than iOS settings where scaling text can mean a jump from too small to too big. That’s what I experience on the Mail app, even with accessibility services turned on (offering me more steps for scaling – but I don’t want steps, I want 'infinite' percentage numbers in a slider…). This may be a "minor issue" for Evernote developers as factus66 has suggested, but it’s enough to tempt me into moving all my stuff over to other apps: Outlook instead of Apple Mail (on the iPhone), Joplin instead of EN (on all devices). If only moving notes was as easy as changing mail clients… Joplin’s ENEX-importer does a pretty good job, though. Unfortunately, there’s no feasible way back to EN, which makes it a rather hard decision. Encryption of all notes is a fine feature, but it makes synchronisation over-complicated the way Joplin handles it.
  2. 16p still baffling me: What would be too big on desktop and print is definitely too small on smartphone and tablet. Being new in the world of Apple (the old Evernote on Samsung S8/Android 9 was perfect in terms of legibility), I think Evernote’s definition of 16p must be something like the iPhone’s/iPad’s standard font size (which I changed to bigger size on iOS level, but with no effect to Evernote). Joplin as an Evernote alternative shows the same behaviour and (as a markdown editor/viewer) has pretty much the same small font size, which seems to suggest to me that this is kind of a standard fallback font size for iOS. Interestingly, toggling from view to edit mode solves the problem: Text size while editing reacts to iOS settings (as should all fonts in ALL apps IMHO…). I agree that app-by-app customization would be the best solution, and I think customization in this particular case (concerning legibility and accessibility) is no luxury, but a crucial issue in terms of user experience – making me search for alternatives, although I’ve been a happy Evernote user for years…
  3. OneNote on mobile devices lacks a "scale note body size" feature as well, but Calibri 14p looks quite OK on all device types (browser, mobile and desktop apps). However, the mobile web clipper (i.e. sharing from Safari to OneNote) produces another problem with legibility: Entire websites are clipped as long, thin JPEGS, which look totally distorted when maximized. But that's yet another issue reported on the OneNote user forums years ago with absolutely no reaction from Microsoft. I don't expect a "mobile first" strategy from that company, but I actually do from Evernote...
  4. Still sticking with Evernote, too, because neither Devonthink nor Apple Notes can be synced with the Windows machines I have to use (Apple Notes on icloud.com is not really scalable and offers a very restrictive set of features). Sadly, Joplin on iOS has pretty much the same text size issue: Changing the size at system level will only affect text in headers and menus, not in note bodies (already addressed by Joplin users in their forum, but feature requests like this probably take even LONGER to materialize than in the Evernote world). Interestingly, the 'new' Evernote on a Samsung S20 (which I don't own) seems to react to system-level changes in font size, but I couldn't test that properly. So maybe there's hope for Android users like Joungsoung...
  5. "Scale note body size" is urgently needed on iOS/iPadOS, too, because it doesn't support Apple's dynamic text feature. Enlarging text size in iOS settings will only result in larger fonts in menus, not in note bodies. Please support dynamic text or re-introduce the slider "Scale note body size" (as can be found in apps like Devonthink To Go). Otherwise I'll have to think of migrating to Devonthink or even Apple Notes (which can't compete with Evernote when it comes to features).
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