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  1. Before leaving one location yesterday, I updated an existing note with a critical claim check/repair number, which I left behind for a friend to go and pick up the repaired item on Tuesday. I need to call in Tuesday morning to pay for the repairs and need the claim/repair number with me. After driving 3 hours, i arrived at my new location where I'll be for the next 5 days. To remind me to call Tuesday morning, I opened my Android calendar to place a reminder. It seemed wise to copy the Number and the 2 sentences to the calendar entry. 2 problems - I was never able to select, and then copy the 3 lines I needed from Evernote, after spending more then 1/2 an hour, I showed my partner and asked her if she could see anything I was doing wrong. She always likes a challenge if she can show me up, but after her limit of 30 minutes, she couldn't copy the whole 3 lines either. EN would select on of the lines, place it below in a box, and not allow access to the other lines. Who tests this stuff? I decided I just do it on the PC later, but... When I logged into the website using someone else's PC, I selected the note, only to find the critical number wasn't there! Was this a sync failure? I went back the Android phone and brought the note back up there we has been struggling with to copy that number from, only to have it all revert to pre-claim number form and now the complete claim number has totally disappeared! My partner had given up on EN months ago because it lost data and was too complicated to drive and didn't perform basic functions. Some of the troubles I had with EN have been fix with the addition of the * and Done buttons, which I have been very careful to use. But basic functions like copy (& paste) now and finding the data missing after I've traveled 3+ hours in spite of the many times it works and I have most of the data in handy places, these failures are driving me to re consider if the bad out weights the good? Do I have to revert to double entering all my critical data?
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