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  1. Thank you very much that's exactly what I needed to know; whether or not the paid version came with any additional capabilities.
  2. I'm making a bulleted list, nothing as fancy as a "Conference Invitation Flyer". That would be silly for me to try to use Evernote for that since I have software applications designed specifically for that type of activity. What I wanted (and can't do even though HTML does support line-height) is to change the distance between lines in a list. I did figure out on my own that Evernote doesn't support a wide range of text editing capabilities, really nothing beyond a narrow range, in any version of the product. I still bought a membership for a year because while the aesthetics may not be what I want; it is a viable option for me to work around some O365 enterprise settings. Apart from very limited editing and organizing capabilities the tool will be "good enough" for what I need it for and OneNote handle's the rest very well.
  3. I am considering converting from OneNote to Evernote. I've been able to replicate my daily routine well enough but I can't format things the way that I want to. Does the premium version have enhancements to the formatting (specifically the ability to reduce the line spacing, I can reduce font size but I can't get the text more condensed on the page so I can't see as much on the screen as I'd like)? The Evernote website lacks details like this and I won't make the switch without better formatting control than what the free version has so I'm hoping to find details about what I can and can't do formatting wise with an upgrade. Edit: I can change from font 16 to 12 or even 10 and that does reduce the line height but not quite enough and it still doesn't look quite right. I'd really like a full word process rich text editor like ms word or google docs in it. So to clarify the question, is that something that comes with Premium or is formatting still the same as the free version?
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