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  1. I sent this support ticket today. Maybe if we all make some noise it will get someone's attention... You've removed the ability to sort by tag in the latest releases of EN. This ability was a key reason for thousands of customers implementing a Getting-Things-Done (GTD) scheme to use EN to begin with. Looking on your forums, there are many folks upset over this issue and I see no support or response from you. I've been a premium user for about 8 years but I'm getting ready to say goodbye due to you NOT LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Please let me know either: - When you will restore the functionality that you removed, or - That you have decided to never restore the functionality. If it's the latter, then I will look for an alternative to EN before my subscription renews. I could not be more angry with you over this, not only because of the technical lack of the function itself, but because it conveys an attitude that says you know better than me how I want to work with my information. It's arrogant. I could not care less about what new bloat ***** you want to plop on the home screen and tell me it's a new feature, but do not take core functionality away. I believe I probably speak for thousands of users on this. Are you smart enough to do something about it?
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