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  1. In previous versions of Evernote for Windows (, e.g.), when you re-sized an image you could see the image content change in size as you re-sized it and adjacent images moved along with the re-sizing, so it was really easy to make images the same size in your note. Evernote no longer does this. Any chance this behavior may come back?
  2. Evernote 5.9.x was working fine for me until this past Monday. Now every time I try to start the program I get the dreaded message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application." Again, everything worked fine until Monday. I have since tried many different versions of Evernote, from the latest 6.1.2 all the way back to 5.1.x. Always the same problem. Please note that this is my work computer and I do not have admin control over it. So the admins may have done something to my box over the weekend which broke Evernote. Any help much appreciated. WINDOWS 7 SP1, 64-bit OS, 8 GB RAM
  3. The website chess24.com has a Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/c24live?fref=nf. I have subscribed to Notifications that show up in my newsfeed. I would like to have IFTTT automatically send any new Notifications from this Facebook page to my Evernote account. I cannot figure how to do this. I see how to get posts from a Facebook Group automatically sent to Evernote using IFTTT but I do not see how I can make a Group that contains chess24 because it is not a person. When I try to make a Group, it shows only my friends as candidates for participation in the Group. Any help much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on this. So EN has implemented this much-wanted feature, only it's not available for windows yet.
  5. I have been waiting for this feature for quite some time. It is such a pain to have to resize images in an external application and then bring them back into Evernote. Thanks in advance for any response.
  6. When is Evernote going to let you resize a note???

  7. In Windows, holding down the CTRL key before right-clicking on the note does indeed give me a Classic Note Link but the dropdown menu does not change over to indicate that. That is, whether or not you hold down the CTRL key, it still says Copy Note Link; it does *not* change over to Copy Classic Note Link. Again, this is the behavior in Evernote 5.3.1 on Windows 7 SP 3. Maybe the dropdown menu entry changes only on the MAC.
  8. When I click on the URL for a note, I want to be taken directly to that note within Evernote and not go to Evernote.com if the URL links to a note within Evernote. This used to be the default behavior in Evernote for Windows but changed. How can I get the old default behavior back? Using Evernote on Windows 7 SP3. Thanks in advance for any response.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I have never used the Presentation mode, which explains why I am unable to find an option to switch on the Night Mode.
  10. Could someone please tell me how to turn on the new Night Mode in the most recent version of Evernote for Windows? Thanks
  11. Does the new Evernote for Windows (5.2), released within the last couple of days, allow this resizing functionality? I tried but could not make resizing work. Thanks.
  12. This error is driving me nuts! It only happens for me under Windows 8.1. At work I have Windows 7 SP 1 and Sync works fine.
  13. I restarted the computer and the error message still occurs. I am running the same version of Evernote at work on Windows 7 SP1 and this problem does *not* occur.
  14. I am using Evernote for Windows Release Candidate on Windows 8.1. When I Sync my notes to the cloud, Syncing appears to work but I keep getting the error message shown in the attachment and reproduced below, indicating that there is a problem on the client side. But the Syncing seems to work! That is, my notes are correctly being Synced between the cloud and my work and home Evernote databases. Synchronization failed Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at client side Anyone else having this issue? Thanks -- notyetagm
  15. Evernote Webclipper works fine for me with Chrome 33 beta, Windows 8.1 desktop.
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