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  1. The intitle search filter displays the desired note so the search works, only the displaying of title is the problem.
  2. Here is an example, 2 titles in the note's content, the first' style and other settings are greyed, the second' is customizable like any text, the note info displays no title, other notes the same situation but with the title present in the note' info. And there are note which are displayed correctly related to titles. The web version is the same. The desktop version I encountered the problem is v10.10.5, the latest.
  3. Hi, You did not get any response, I have the same problem in Evernote 10. Some notes especially the older ones have no title and the note's content displays the article's title twice. I just discovered today. Maybe I need to solve it manually.
  4. The previous version of Evernote is much faster, better, useful than version 10.
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