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  1. Not when they can't get their damn qualtrics properly working..............
  2. In case you haven't gathered, this post was more for the evernote team to see rather than diehard evernote worshippers to comment on.
  3. The reason why I downgraded from Premium to Basic is because of the lack of resolution of issues. There's no value to be had when they're constantly adding new features without resolving issues the community is experiencing. I fail to see how what is in settings as "Multipage clips "Clip all pages into a single note"" is the same thing as what appears when clipping a page as "Clip format "Full page"" -- isn't that a given a Full page clip will clip to a single note? Nothing in the page you linked to mentions "Multipage clips "Clip all pages into a single note"" As for merging.. In my case the originals or the merged don't end up in trash. The originals remain in the notebook, while the merged note completely disappears. I wanted to keep 6 webclips together, so merged them, merge completed, sits there several seconds and then disappears. Tried turning off wifi to stop the note syncing with server and getting nuked, but as soon as I turn on wifi, the merged note is gone. Creating a separate notebook just for 6 web-clips is clunky, as is installing some legacy product which idk would even run on my Mac.
  4. Thanks, good to know it's not just a problem I'm experiencing. I was attempting to merge 6 web-clips, and all of them disappeared. I would lodge a ticket but the reason why I downgraded from Premium to Basic was because of all the issues & the lack of resolution. What really grinds my gears is when I come on here to have my questions answered and moderators delete my posts because they don't even fully read or comprehend questions, thinking that merging posts and multi-page clips are the same thing. Same goal, different feature. One is a bug report, the other asking how to use a damn feature with no real documentation on how to utilise it.
  5. Clip a note in Chrome Version 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (x86_64) on Mac OS 11.3.1, Everntoe 10.13.4 Click on "continue in desktop app" - nothing happens. Okay, click on "Continue in browser"... try editing note - nothing happens Click on "Classic mode" - pop-up appears, okay, i'll leave some damn feedback. Click "Click here" to share my thoughts... - "This site can't be reached". SMH. What is going on with Evernote? With every update, it seems like new features are added, which nobody asked for - and old broken features aren't even fixed. Is now the time to export all my 8+ years of content? It's easier to keep a customer than acquire a new one. Stop putting in new shiny features which nobody asked for and keep your existing users happy by fixing broken things instead.
  6. Well, thanks...... They're not the same issue.Can you restore it? You clearly didn't read both posts which were focusing on separate issues. This one, the focus is on MERGING notes which there is a bug/technical issue with - you didn't reply with a solution, but a response to the latter half of this question, but the MAIN focus of this post is on the first part of my question. I DELIBERATELY POSTED TWO SEPARATE POSTS TO AVOID CONFUSION BETWEEN THE TWO.
  7. I created a merged note from 6 x ~2mb notes, seconds after creating it, the note disappears from the list of notes. It's not in Rubbish. I have 53.1 MB (88%) remaining this month, monthly limit resets in 3 days, Monthly uploads: 60 MB, Note size limit: 25 MB Why is this happening? I'd use the following feature but there's no indication anywhere on how to utilise it: "Multipage clips Clip all pages into a single note."
  8. This issue is still occurring. I've been using Evernote on-and-off for 8+ years, starting out free, going to premium and back to free. Originally it seemed the app was client-side and sync'ed with servers but now it seems like the app is a shell of a web-browser with some features. It seems since this change there's no way of manually refreshing or syncing/saving notes which appears to have something to do with the issue, as forcing the app closed and re-starting it resolves the issue. It's annoying to have to do that each and every time the computer has disconnected from / reconnected to the internet or been sleeping and woken up. On top of that, merging notes doesn't work. I select 6 notes 2mb each, merge & the file disappears from the list of notes a few seconds after completion. What does this feature in the Chrome extension do, I can't find anything anywhere to utilise it: Clip all pages into a single note.
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