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  1. Thank you for the ideas. I was curious if there was some easy way to do this that I didn't know about in the current version. Clearly, there is not. I understand the intent is to add that functionality to the new app. That said, I've decided to move on from Evernote. My premium renewal is coming up in June and absent some major change (in management or how it thinks), I can't see staying with Evernote. I've wondered about long term viability for awhile but decided to give this management a chance and stayed. I would prefer to stay because Evernote meets my overall needs well. I use it mostly as a document archive, but also use it for more typical notes. I've decided to move my more typical notes to OneNote (already have Office subscription) and my PDF archive to Google Drive. That is not the greatest long term solution but I don't trust Evernote not to abruptly destroy functionality again. I am even considering getting a Mac notebook (I have a Windows desktop) and using DevonThink (although I don't like the lack of cloud option so I can't access from my desktop computer).
  2. MS has a note on the download that they don't support the importer any longer. I suspect that something "broke" the importer and no one is actually fixing it.
  3. Did you ever find a solution to this? I have done all this (except the removing the 2nd line thing) and I keep getting the error. I tried exported a notebook that is really just text notes, most very small. No good at all. I have used Evernote mostly for document archives of searchable PDFs. I don't think OneNote is practical for that. However, I I do have some actual notes in Evernote. It isn't that much. Maybe a little over 500. But, I do want to keep them and I don't really want to manually copy and paste them to OneNote which is what the importer recommends. Has anyone been able to get the importer to work recently?
  4. OK, I installed the Legacy Windows program. So that was able to allow me to use my import folder for several hundred PDF documents. I understand that the new Windows app does not have the import folder functionality (makes no sense it was released, but it is what it is). If I didn't want to use the Legacy program and can't use the import folder, with the new app how do I import PDFs into Evernote? That is...assume I didn't have the Legacy Windows program. I have several hundred PDFs that I want to get into Evernote. How do I do that? Is there any way to do that?
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