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  1. The evernote folks have been unresponsive to any number of complaints about their product. They completely destroyed the safari web clipper (Hello! You broke the freak's *user* interface!) and have failed to acknowledge the mistake or make a statement about direction. I love this product. I need this product. And really want to see the company succeed. Unfortunately its product management team seems to be asleep at the wheel. How hard is it to understand you don't take away functionality and then act like nothing happened?
  2. If this is indeed a bug in safari, please consider posting the bug ID and URL. The community might be able to help encourage apple to fix this issue. If it's a webkit issue, we might be able to help provide a patch. The fact that this broke one of the primary interfaces into evernote simply can't be excused, IMO.
  3. My cookies setting has the following option checked "From third parties and advertisers."
  4. I hate to tell you this but the web clipper for safari has been an utter disaster for months now and the good folks at evernote have yet to get the message. An unhappy customer...
  5. I'm a huge evernote fan but their handling of the clipping feature is an embarrassment. I've grown so frustrated that I rarely use the tool anymore. Moreover, the defensiveness of the user base and lack of response from the company leads me to worry about the long term viability of the offering. I simply want a one click method to capture web content as a PDF that works. When you repeatedly ***** up the usability of an application, you're just asking your users to walk away. Now, you can make the argument that you're at the mercy of Apple but frankly I don't care. You're smart folks, you can find away to not remove capabilities. Sorry for the rant but you broke me and impacted my productivity and that simply blows.
  6. My ability to create clips has been severely impacted by the change. Basically, I no longer use Evernote to capture material because the process is just too slow. I use to be able to hold down shift and click a button and know that I had captured the material I was viewing and it would never be lost. Now the experience is tedious enough that I can't be bothered. It's too bad as I once really loved evernote and thought it was well on the way to fixing much of what is wrong with the web. Sadly, they seem to have forgotten that the clipping feature is the primary way in which people interact with the system. Then again, I could be wrong. I would suggest they take a quantified look at how people use the tool and what effect changes to the clipping plugins have had on the users. I suspect they'll see a decrease in the number of notes created after they botched the upgrade.
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